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Gina L
What happens if you use expired deodorant?
i have some dove deodorant and i figured that it has expired at july. what will happen if i still use it? will it turn my arm pits dark? (they;'re already dark and i don't know why) will they still work? or will something else bad happen?

Where in the world did you come up with the idea that deodorants expire? I've NEVER heard of that?

you'll probably blow up

Lynn K
Keep using it and soon you will get a visit from Peppy La Pue.

Nothing; it may not work effectively

chrissie 10
not 2 sure bout that one but i think you will just go on musty for the day

theyll get a rash and it wont work youll be musty just by some new deoderant

well expiration dates mean something otherwise they wouldn't tell you. Just go out and buy some more and get rid of the expired one.

No the reason for the expiration date if it has one is for the fragrance and moisture content. what happens is it dries out and the fragrance dies off. It will just not be as effective at preventing oder. As far as the darking under the arms it could just be a pigment prob or bruising due to to tight of shirts and pressing to hard with that deoderant stick. Good luck

Nothing it will just get crumbly and fall apart and not have scent to it....buy a new stick buddy

There is nothing wrong with deodorant that has expired.

papricka w
It should be ok to use. Nothing will happen to you. It is just that the deodorant might be a little dryer than usual. Don't worry about it.

It doesn't usually expire; Deoderant is a particular type of soap that contains alphagenic complexies which destroy the odor-causing bacteriums on your skin. These complexes rarely disipate.

out of date deoderent could lead to an infection,rash or just not smelling very nice.

WOW, Deodorant expires? well i would not think anything bad would happen, prob. just losses its potency. Good luck with that.

Nothing except it may dry out and get hard. Good luck. Pops

its like using shampoo past the experation date or water. its put on there to move it from the store. so it doesnt sit to long. Food and drugs are really the only thing experattion dates are really important on

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