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what the heck!?im 13!

and there really dark!

I eat great. Get 9 or more hours of sleep every night. And i still have dark circles?

a lady asked me about it and ...

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 Question : What would a small lump on the middle of the left side of the neck be?
Its kind of a round bump...on the left side of the neck. Its a formed bump, but its not hard, its soft. I can feel something there. Buts its not sore or hurting. But its more of a crapping. Not even ...

 Can you tell me what is on my back and under my arm?
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my parents would kill me if they see my large bruise!!!...

 Please i am asking this question again i loose hair whn i masterbade what is this problem any doctors can help

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 Stretch Marks?
Why are some red and some are white. How do you get rid of them?...

 My elbows are very dry. Can anyone recommend anything to use?

 Cure for eczema?
apart from steriod cream for eczema,does anyone know of any cure ....

What do I have near my anus? Sore?
Its a very itchy patch it's like a sore that when i "wipe" sometimes I get blood on the toilet paper, what could it be? I have not injured myself, or anything like that, and i'm a straight male.

don't mind me
it could be hurpes...you might not have cought it. you could be a carrier

i would book an appointment and have a sugar glucose tolerance test for diabetes. the reaction to high blood sugar levels could be causing the problem as such was the problem in my case. the condition would come and go heal and open and after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and following a strict diet the condition has not returned in 8 years.if your suger levils are within limits you have still eliminated one cause for the condition

you may have a small hemoroid

It could be a rash, a cyst, or an infection. See your doctor right away.

It could be a simple rash, or coleorectal cancer. Any blood in that area is cause for a trip to the doctor.

I think it is Hemorrhoids.

Any chance on this green earth you could have picked up herpes? Another thought is external hemorrhoids. You should see a doctor in any case. It could be anything from the benign to the serious.

Albert Einstein
it's probably an ulcer of some kind as a result of a bacteria infection. have a shower right after a bowel movement to clean the area then apply an antibiotic ointment. if it still persists after that...you're going to have to put up with the em-bare-***-ment of seeing a Dr. I had something just like that a few years ago from using coarse toilet paper that made my skin raw and allowed bacteria to penetrate my skin. now i use wet wipes and shower right after a bowel movement.

The ~Muffin~ Man
Sounds like you got hemorrhoids. Get some Preparation H and try eating some more fiber ;-)

It could be hemorrhoids.

Julz H
try going to the dr

your last bowel movement could have torn your anus a bit. you might want to eat more fiber.

go see a Doc. before we all figure out what you have.


Sounds like hemorrhoids. Get some tucks or something. They're pretty common and are usually caused by straining too hard to make a bowel movement.

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