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What do I do with a scalded hand?
I just knocked a pan of boiling water over the whole back of my hand and wrist.It's partly numb and obviously really painful.I keep utting it under a cold tap is there anything else I should be doing?
Additional Details
Thanks to you all It is the following morning and after keeping it in cold water for hours my hand is fine this morning.I was very lucky as it was a full pan of boiling water.

just keep it running over cold water and put some ice in a large bowl and add water putting your hand in it. if it starts to blister up real bad, you may have deeper burns and have to go the er. i had a friend of mine when she was cooking, pull hot liquids out of a microwave dumping it on her hand. i kept her hand in cold water for several hours and the next day she was fine. you don't want to wrap it, put butter or creams or sraps on it as you need air to get to it. keep a eye on the burn for blistering. if anything gets worse, go to the er right away.

angela j
if theres any blisters you should go to the hospital

why are you on the net/ Run it under cold water for 20 mins then warap in cling film to keep the bugs away and go to the hospital.

'bye, Yahoo...U Suk
How 'bout seeking medical attention?

Call NHS Direct - details online - http://www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk/ - if in uk , of course :-)



Delora Gloria
Ice. I did something similar, and sat up all night with my hand in a bowl of ice water with baking soda. Keep it cold.

Basically, you have cooked your hand. So you want to stop it cooking.

Soak it in a big bowl of ice water.

That will help with the pain.

ice then lots of aloe, then a strong drink, then sleep

just keep running it under cold water, don't use ice as it can cause complication, if its red and blistered just put a dry dressing on it and keep an eye to stop infection. don't burst the blisters they will go on there own, if its really bad go to your local a&e dept and they will apply a dressing for you.
for hands we don't tend to wrap in clingfilm anymore so don't use.
As soon as you take it out of the water it will sting again so just take painkillers if you can,

rap it in cling film an go the hospital ,they will do the rest

wrap in clingfilm,then hospital if it is that bad.

Tony T
Seek medical advice!

Keep the cold water on it. if it is open ( Weeping blisters etc)cover it in "Cling film" (very sterile) and get to the nearest A & E

get it in cold water.
Keep the cold water running on it until the pain subsides.
You really should call your doctor if it blisters badly.
The cold water will keep the burn from progressing and mitigate the pain and tissue damage.
Do not put oils on it.
Here is what the Mayo Clinic recommends.

Best Wishes...
Yours : Grumpy

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