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jackie t
Using body spray on my armpits caused painful lumps?
I used to use a roll on deodorant under my arms and then spray on copious amounts of 'charlie' body spray because i was paranoid about body odour. I started to get painful lumps every now and again under both arms. I stopped using the body spray under them and just use a small amount of roll on now and i have never had any lumps since, what would cause body spray to do this?

I don't know but please please please don't use Charlie body spray ANYWHERE .... that crap smells like Old Lady.

jollyboy booboo
Its called an A-l-l-e-r-g-y

have you ever heard of this word??

it could have just been a reaction to the spray (obvisouly) some body sprays arnt made to go directly on your skin but to go ova cloths and stuff...... even if it is "for the under arms" i would never use spray there

it's something in the can that makes it an aresol is what the doctor told me... actually clogs the perspiration secreting sac's.. stop using any spray under the arms...should clear up

allergic reaction to some ingredient in the spray....doesn.t necessarily mean u will have the same reaction to every body spray.....but chances are you should stay away from that brand....

an allergic reaction. see your GP.

Go to Lush, which you'll find on most highstreets. And ask them for their solid deoderant. It is a little pricey, but it sounds like you have the same senstivity that I did. I used there deoderant, and now its fine.
Because its not an anti persperant it won't block pores, and there are different varieties so you can get different smells.
Make sure though, that you are not allergic to essential oils, and if you are, ask for the deoderant that doesn't have that in (I think its the lemon one).

And hope everything clears up.

Are you cereal?
The combination of the two chemicals gave you the flesh eating virus.

SerbY G
Purfume has alchol and scents in it. Which if sprayed on an area of skin that might get friction or sweaty, even absrobing the scent via your armpit.. can cause it to react that way. I would NEVER use an aresol deoderant!! Too many chemicals in them. I stick to the soilds like degree and I like that new secret clinical strength!! Or see ur doc about some stuff u can put on there that stops u for sweatting.

Could be it was blocking sweat glands and they then getting infected, or it could be an allergic reaction to something in the spray.

dont use any deodorants or sprays that have chemicals in use them from heathfood shops i used to use those roll ons and get lumps its not good to block your pores up

its the chemicals they put in them, i have the same problem with certain sprays but not others, try something like nivea deodorant, its a lot more gentle. also there's another called pure and gentle with my g/f uses as she has outbreaks of eczema and this doesn't affect her

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