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Lisa C
The skin in between my toes is raw,red and sore and toes stink all the time.?
I've gone to foot doc. but it only gets alittle better than comes back. Also the bottom of my feet peel like crazy in the summer it's soooooooo gross.

Make sure the floor of your shower at home is clean.
If you use a communal shower (at the gym, or school) always wear thongs (flip flops, not underwear) to avoid contact with the feral floor.
Only wear socks made of natural fibres.

Diane T
It could be that you have to much fungus in your body. Try a antifungal cream, and see if that helps.

That used to happen to my brother: try baby powder.

yeah sounds like althletes foot, i had that once. medicnine will clear it up fast! and make sure (even after its cleared up) to wash between your toes in the shower.

i dunno wuts happenen, but it sound nasty

John K
sounds like foot born vaginitis. treat with oatmeal and make sure you keep your toes separated at night so they can breathe. try putting tampons in between them, you can tie the strings together so they wont come out and keep them in place

Pepperdine University
what does it smell like?

Soak your feet in warm soapy water every day. Always dry them thoroughly. Use aerosol desinex. Change your socks at least once a day, ALWAYS wear CLEAN sox. What it sounds like you have is what was referred to in World War One as "trench foot." If you don't take better care of your feet, you wont get to keep them your whole life!

That happens to my toes when I have to wear my work boots to long too many days in a row. Dry between them after showers, and when you take your socks off. Lotion helps, kinda hurts, but helps, and letting them get as much air as possible, it might seem like they get worse at first, but they get better.

You have a fungus...it may or may not be athlete's foot. It's best to see a podiatrist to clear this up instead of your primary care physician....or you can just try Lamisil cream..you can buy it over the counter & see if this works. If left untreated, it can get infected and downright nasty...been there, done that!!

sounds like athletes foot you need to treat your shoes and shower as well as your feet

I just took my husband to the foot doctor about the exact same thing..... He had every one of your complaints and we were told that it's a fungus... and atletes foot....

What he was prescribed was lamisil tablets, loricox for his feet and betadine....I treat his feet every night by doing this...We have a foot spa that he and he uses because the fungus and the other stuff can be passed. So I fill it with warm water...and I use a mild soap to clean his toes and bottom of his feet...I have a scrubbing bar that I bought to get the dead skin off...then I put his feet back in the foot spa and scrub them more....After that... I take them out and clean them throughly...I get the betadine and a cotton pad and go between his toes with the betadine...this is supposed to heal the wet and smelly skin...then I get the baby powder and cover his feet with it...after that I let his feet dry from the powder and betadine and I put the pescribed cream all over his heals and top of his foot area...

He's toe nails are so black and discolored that the doctor recommened that they all be removed so he will have outpatient surgery this friday...and after that he should be doing alot better....

Yes, all that is gross but I love my husband and will do whatever it takes to keep him alive and well.....Hope it helps....

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