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 Does anyone know what would cause my son's skin to turn yellow?
I noticed the other day that my 1 yr old looks yellow is that cause for concern? does anyone know what causes it?
Additional Details
He eats normal baby food, not too much orange veggies ...

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please share cute love stories if you did have "love at first sight"...

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 How can you get rid of nits?
My 2 daughters and i have got nits! does anyone know any home therapies as we have tried from the chemist, but we are still itching, i know they don't like tea tree oil but this does not ...

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 Acne medication, besides Proactiv, my parents wont get it 4 me?
my brother has really bad acne and is scared to talk 2 any girls with his face looking like ...

 Ok I just burnt my finger on hair straighteners!?
k and now it is really red with a really White bit in the middle which is really sensitive to touch or to bend! What is this and what shall I do?...

 What makes a hickey go away?
Is there anything fast that makes a hickey go away?...

 Help me i'm itching like mad!!!?
Hi please help me please.
i'm itching like mad its driving me nuts i'm itching as i'm typing this!!!! i've tried everything E45, hydroquartzone, salt! everything. it starts ...

 How to great rid of dead skin from face?
I've tried to exfoliating but it doesn't get rid of all the dead skin which is really bugging me
is there any other way for me to get rid of it?...

 Can i grow moles?
I would like grow some moles, but i don't know if this is possible..!!!

any advice?

i would love the have a big juicy mole on my arm...
Additional D...

 I am breathing in unscented talcum powder all day at work?
the company says it is not harmful to us but i dont know what do u think, i have approached the company health and safety offficer but the subject gets ...

 Why do we walk on our feet not on our hands?

 HELP PLEASE! Tell me if i have the begining signs of Staff or Mersa!?
ok well for about a month and a half, everytime i get out of the shower i have these kinda acne looking rashes on my thigh. i take a shower about every other day so i thought it was because i was ...

 Hard skin on my feet.?
how do i lose this?????...

 Can't get rid of Acne?
No matter what i do to get rid of acne it just won't go. Is there nything out there that will get rid of it????...

 Serious Medical Question, about my anus.?
I have been feeling this sore in my anal hole (buttole), and today I was curious and looked at it from a mirror. Right outside my anal opening there is a brownish boil type thing there. It is soft ...

The skin around my anus is stained brown...is there anyway of bleaching it to match my other white skin?
Its not from being dirty, quite the contrary. It is very clean. However, the skin itself is quite brown for about 2 inches surrounding my anus.
Additional Details
Some of you have asked how do i even see that...well, its when my wife and i are "video-taping" and i always notice the skin...its not nice.

my question is why are you looking at your anus skin? who does that? yuck!

Grrr. :]

Dreamy S
yes it is the new thing to do - use watered down bleach - it may burn a little but not much. And it does take about a week to to do and it is something you will need to keep up, it will only change again if you let it go (kinda like your roots)
But with just a cotton ball rub it for 15 mins a day you should see a change in a week

good luck!

Take that mirror off the floor.

grossssssssssssssss lol
i dunno but if it bothers u go to the dermatologist.

did not need to know that

oh so why are you hating on the color brown?i see how you are.

wow that's gross... just tan the rest of your body to match =D


didnt need to know that

Drink the bleach, then when you poo, it'll do the work for you!

anyone gets it your not dirty its your poo that is staining it.

you can get it bletched.

no idea.

OMG!!!? It may be easier to just tan the rest of your body to match the color around your dookie shoot.

A skin lightening cream.

It is supposed to be that color, it's not stain!!!! Take it from a nurse who worked for a gastro for 13 years and saw lots of them!

It's suppose to be that way...

It isn't stained, it is darkening from age and becoming mature. It is normal and natural. The plastic surgeon can lighten it for you if you really wanted. Home lightening would be bad on a sensitive area like this. This area needs to serve you for the next 60 years or so, so don't injure it.

Personally, I would have my teeth fixed and whitened, my breasts enlarged or lifted, my moles removed, my eyes corrected, my arm-pit hair lazered, my toenails painted, etc before I moved on to a place that is as hidden and the only people I let see it are people who think it's better than blueberry pie anyways. (love)

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