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 Small red bumps on one arm?
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 Acne & food?
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The back of my neck is breaking out. Why? What should I do about it?
I have dry skin, and never got zits at all until my late 20's (I'm now 39) . Now I've had short hair for a year and I'm getting zits behind my ears and down my neck. I even have some on my upper back. Staph infection might explain one or two zits but I've treated that, and they just keep coming and don't appear to be staph this time.
I use hydrogen peroxide to dry up when I do break out, but it doesn't keep new ones from coming.

kyle g
because you keep your hair on it. put your hair up!

DimePiece TWEETY
I think u should see a doctor
Or use Noxzema

Try getting a full night sleep each night. On top of a balanced diet, your body will be able to heal anything!

Miss. Misunderstood
They have anti-fungal creams probably at your local grocery store. So you should get that or either you should have a doctor check that out.

it might be anxiety i break out when i feel anxious!!!

miss tique
Get pro-active and use on on your problem areas.

I would definitely check with your doctor. With staph infections, you need to make sure you take all of the antibiotics. I am sure you have heard of this. Go to the doctor, and make sure it is not something like MRSA.

its hormonal ,ask ur doc for medication to stop this ,my friend jenny has to take pills to stop hers as it got so bad and shes all clear now but if she miss a pill they are back again

Lana Prezino
First thing you have to take into consideration is that skin changes with age, sometimes for better and sometimes for worst, but that´s a fact.

You say that you have now short hair. Are you using some kind of hair product that might be more in contact with your neck skin now than it used to be?

Where do you live? is it a cold place? It might be that your neck is now expose to a lot more and therefore your skin is suffering from the change.

Sometimes dry skin can be the cause for zits, not only oily skin. And I believe the reason is that the dryer the skin is, the more oil and dirt your skin feels it has to keep in order to feel not that dry. I was told that once, and it really made a difference when i started moisturizing a lot more. So keep that in mind.

You could also use a brush or a wash clothe when you take a shower and make sure you are getting rid of all those dead cells. Exfoliating helps a lot.

Anyway, going to a dermatologist is always a good idea when having skin problems, so you might have to visit one at some point.

Bottom line, I hope you get rid of all those zits. Best wishes !!

Whats your shower routine? make sure you are shampooing and conditioning your hair BEFORE you wash the rest of you, so you can thoroughly scrub any conditioner off your neck and back, since thats where it goes when you rinse it out.
Try Neutrogena Body Clear body wash. It helps get rid of body acne, and if you use lotion after your shower, try using your facial moisturiser on your neck and shoulders instead of your lotion, since facial stuff is usually oil free, unlike many body lotions.

there are several explanations for this. It's an allergy or it's just your hair. You said you just cut it short. The oil from you hair maybe causing you to breakout. You probably need to wash you hair everyday with a oil free shampoo. If you are doing this already. It maybe styling products. Check the oil content. You may need to stop everything you are using to find out the cause. Try changing your pillowcases every night. Oil from your hair will remain there. Are you fidgety do you play with your hair? The oil from you fingers may cause this.
Go to your local health food store and find tea tree oil face pads or face wash to scrub behind your ears and neck this will help heal them as well. A tea tree shampoo would help too.

Drink a lot water

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