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 My son has a rash all over does anyone know what it could be?
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 Can stress cause bad skin?
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Ringworm! I need help!?
okay I touch my friends ringworm on accident! Does that mean I caught it from touching it? I need help so please help! thanks.

Betty Smith
It's possible you picked it up, so I would wash your hands. I once got ringworm from my cat when I didn't realize she had it and it really wasn't that bad. Its just a small dry patch on your skin. I would suggest going to see your doctor they should let you know. If it turns out you do have it no worries though, it's really not a big deal. Chances are you didn't catch it though.

not necessarily it is possible though. ring worm is a fungus, not a worm so yes you could have it. You should was the part of you touched very well. Even if you have it it is no big deal, just get an antifungal cream and spread it on the area.

Probably you are not going to catch it, if that happens you can use Lotrimin cream Be careful next time

just wash yourself really well and hope you don't get it

little loca
That's nasty why would you touch it...lol..But no i dont think you'll catch it just wash your hands.

no...if the ring worm was dried up...but if it was moist, then you should be a little worried. Buy some Bluestar Ointmint incase~~~~> http://www.bluestarointment.com/index2.html ...Glad i could help!

yes but you can easily remove then with a sharp scallple or a rusty knife .

Wash your hands, it is contagious, but your probably fine.
If you get a round rash on your hand or finger take some iodine, drawl a circle around the the outer edges of it, without touch the infected area. You will start to see it get smaller and smaller, and use some anti fungal cream to completely make it go away.. As the patch of rash gets smaller, put another ring of iodine around it, and keep going until it's almost gone... Good Luck.. For some reason they don't like it....

♥Sweet Girl♥
Wash your hands really good. You probably did not catch it, because a rash will form.

But if you do get it....use lotrimin foot fungal cream

Captain Morgan
hmm maybe...
cause you know like wrestlers
don't they get it from like rolling around on the mats?
and it on the mats from some wrestlers having it..
hmmm i really don't know.

Noota Oolah
I can if you didn't wash your hands after. Its easily treated with anti-fungal over the counter stuff. Keep it clean and dry.

Sonny H
best way to cure a ring worm, is to put clear finger nail polish over it, as they breath air and this will zapp the old worm.hopeing the ring worm of your friends is not on his worm!!

It's treatable and non-fatal, so don't worry so much. Was your friend's ringworm being treated? If so, it probably wasn't contagious anyway. If you do get ringworm (a fungus, not a worm) then treat it with an antifungal cream and it will go away. You can easily get ringworm without having any idea where you got it from.

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