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Really bad itching. How do I make it stop?
Everytime I get out of the shower I breakout in bumps that itch like crazy on my stomach, back, legs, and sometimes my face. I thought it might be the soap but after showering is not the only time it happens. I can just be doin anything and I will break out mostly on my face and neck or on the back of my legs. What could this be?

Brian V
first u take a shower(dont ever scratch it !!!), after wards, you use soap, and lotion to get it back to normal

Heat rash

i had a similar problem for about a year. i went to the dermatologist, i tried water softeners, i tried milder soaps, nothing worked. then i finally used what i saw moms use on their babies. pampers baby wipes. i would shower using baby wipes. and i have not had the itchy problem since. I'm not sure what they use in baby wipes, but it works. i haven't used soap in over six months now and i feel cleaner and my skin feels smoother, and best of all no itching. i hope it works for you too

you need a good moisturizer like aveeno. Also, you could be allergic to your own sweat. I use to be as a teenager. It eventually went away. When taking a bath, try not to make it too hot. Warm is good and moisturize immediately after taking a shower before drying off and after drying off.

Vicki A
You could try showering every other day instead of everyday. I went through the same thing some years ago every time I got out of the shower I would itch really bad especially my back. I went to the dermotologist "diagnoses" too many showers " remedy " shower less often & it finally went away . My advice see a doctor if this does not work for you. You should see one anyway since it happens at random there may be an allergy there somewhere.

Linda S
Dab calomine lotion on your itchy sores and maybe its agood idea to see your doctor agout this problem.

Try switching products on everything that touches those parts of your body-- shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, etc. If that doesn't change anything you should see a doctor.

To help with the itching on a temporary basis, try applying white vinegar to the itchy areas, or if they are really bad, calamine lotion. An over-the-counter pill that is quite effective is Benadryl (diphenhydramine) but check the label before you take it to make sure it's safe for you. (Benadryl will make you sleepy, by the way; don't take it if you are going to be out racing or whatever.)

You may be allergic to the soap you are washing your clothes in or the fabric softener. Have you changed anything lately? This is an allergy because you break out in sensitive places and places that sweat or get hot. I had it from Tide with Bleach..can't use it. Only got the hives from sleeping in the sheets that were washed in it. so that's what I think. Now regular tide doesn't bother me. also, it could be the company changed their formula. Can't always figure it out. Good luck. Not using any bath gel or lotion? Think hard. Good luck.You can use cold compresses and benadryl at night to stop the itching. Any antihistamine would help for the night.

The others are right...sound like hives...see a dermatologist..

Hives, from nerves

spirit filled
Hives, you defiantly are having an allergic reaction to something. Process of elimination will be the route. It could be anything, lotions food, drink, soap, clothing. I'm allergic to a red dye in certain candles when they burn I breakout in hives everywhere my skin is exposed. Sometimes it even affects my breathing.

Allergic reaction to the soap or poo yer using. Try another soap..perferable a all natural one like Ivory !!!

Sounds like contact dermatitis. Have you recently switched soaps or shampoos? How about laundry soap or other products that contact your skin? to stop the itching, try hydrocortosone cream and benadryl. If switching products again does not clear this up you should see your doctor to determine if there is an underlying problem.

Hives...take a nice Aveeno bath...(At stores and it will say aveeno bath stuff)

What you really need to do is see a dermatologist and find out what you're allergic to. In the meantime, a quick fix can be found in over-the-counter medications that treat nasal allergies or anything that has benadryl in it.

And stop scratching! That makes it worse!

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