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Pink eye keeps coming back! what should i do? what could it be?
Hi, i have pink eye (conjuntivitis) for the past 4-5 weeks. I have been to see my doctor and he gave me antibiotic drops. it clears up and then comes back again!!!! this has happend 3 or 4 times. please help. this is driving me crazy

Tell the doctor immediatley

‚ô•Hannah's Mommy‚ô•
Anything you have used to touch your eye (makeup, towel, etc) do not use it again, throw it away or wash it or you will infect your eye again. also dont touch your eyes, and if you do, dont touch the other eye (if its not infected) and WASH YOUR HANDS alot! i had pinkeye and it came back, it was because i used makeup that i was using when i first had pinkeye....and from touching the infected eye, not realizing it, then touching the other.. I hope you get better soon, because pink eye is so annoying!!

angie m
hi if you wear eyeliner and mascara, throw it away as this could be re infecting your eyes and buy some new but dont use untill conjuntivitis has cleared completely

I I have the same type of condition with my eyes as you do; my left eye always irritates me and it turns red like every 3 weeks or so its crazy, sometimes it swells up so bad that it looks like i got beat up in the eye. I did go to the doctor i had to wear this pirate patch and take i drops for a week and that did not help, now im going to a eye doctor to see if its a eye disease or something. Your best bet is to see a optometrist so they can exam your eyes

Somehow you are causing a re-infection. Make sure that you throw out any makeup or other products that may have become contaminated. Make sure you change your washcloth and towel frequently. Also change your pillowcase. How about contact lenses? Could they be causing re-infection? Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.

It is also possible that you may have viral conjunctivitis rather than bacterial, and if so the drops don't work anyway. Pink eye usually does clear up on its own as long as you follow procedures to avoid re-infection.

Marcie E
Do you use makeup, like mascara, if you do then that is the problem throw it away and get new!

go to the doctor.

Try putting a warm cloth over your eye a few times a day, clean rag everytime.. and make sure every time you touch your eye with anything.. that you wash your hands.. do not put make up ie eyeline, and or mascara (if this is a girl) because that will just keep spreading it. Go back to the Dr. and tell them it keeps coming back

hound kitty
when you get pink you need to get rid of everything that has touched your eyes and face it keeps coming back because you are reinfecting yourself buy new toothbrush and if you wear makeup you needto replace your mascara and if you wear contacts get a new pair or a new trial pair because I know that they are exspensive also get a new contact case because your old one is filled with germs remember to wash your hands well everytime you touch your eyes and keep your fingernails trimmed (if you have them ) also if you wear eye shadow relplace your eyeshadow . remember anything that touches your eyes needs to be replaced such as eyeliner and ect.... hope this helps

need help!

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