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i have been using proactive for about 4 months, at first it started working really nicely and now it seems to be making my face worse and it gets really dry. I dont have bad acne but please tell me ...

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Dont ...

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Okay i have this weird RASH on my face how can i get rid of it?
i just got this rash today. i was outside in the heat wearing jeans. and i walked home from the store. and when i got home i had this weird bumpy rash on my face. its on my cheeks? i think its an alergic reaction to something but i dont know what? HELP!
Additional Details
Also its not massive acne cause its spreading. or maybe i didint notice it, but now its on my ear. its going away, kind of.

Thank you for your answers! They really helped!

F to the N
Use some bug spray. It really works!

ATHLETES FOOT CREAM i am sooo serious it gets rid of everything

Benadryl cream
Benadryl pills

The combination of low potassium levels and refined sugar are the atomic bomb of acne causes. Its very easy to eat too little potassium, it takes about 6 bananas each to get the the optimum level, but two would keep you at the minimum recommended level.
Potassium deficiency can also cause depression, anxiety, and extreme stomach problems.


i don't get a rash on my face but if i'm out in the sun too long (without sunscreen on) i get little red spots on my cheeks and they get really itchy. put aloe vera on it, it goes away quickly for me.

Sam F
could just be cause it was so hot out today. i got sun blisters at the beach today, its gross stuff. but your skin reacts to crazy things like that.

Use some hydro cortisone cream or it. It should go away.

i have that same rash
i get it on my arm and face

I have a dog and idk if it is the one causing it do u have a dog?

Mike P
This could be virtually anything. For starters, try a little aloe vera gell that is in any drugstore or supermarket as it is a natural remedy for skin problems. That doesn't work see a doctor.

No it's massive acne.

well it could be possble, poison ivy, heat rash, or elergic reaction you to something you may have took earlier. but i think its sun rash give it a few hours or days. good luck

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