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 Why am I breaking out all of a sudden after 6 years of clear skin?
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No I am not just ...

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 So i got a new belly ring and i wanna clean it first, what should i use?
peroxide, alcohol etc ?
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btw i already got the piercing...months ago...i jus now got a new ring for it..gold ..so its better for my ...

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 I have a little acne on my neck and some redness and it wont even go away...what should I do???
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 Red cheeks?
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 I woke up today with a sty (or stie I'm not sure) on my eyelid, what is the best remedy/cure?

 Acne question, please help..??
Every once in awhile my face breaks out with these hard pimples that don't ever come to a "white head", if I try to squeeze them all that comes out is a clear liquid. I've learned ...

My toenail is cracked, What should I do?
I didn't injure it, that I can remember. I am pregnant though. Wondering if pregnacy can make nails crack. It is cracked right across the middle. I think it will fall off. And I really wanted my feet to look nice when I deliver.
Additional Details
to +doc: Not my first pregnancy, my third and I'm scheduled for a c-section, so I won't be in labor. But I do have plenty of character, my friend. Let me put this plainly, to you can understand. I just don't want visitors in the hospital to be forced to look at a nasty cracked toenail if I can avoid it.

You have got to be kidding me.

a) This is obviously your first pregnancy, or you'd know that by the time you deliver you won't give a rat's patootie what your feet or your face look like or who's in the room or what room you're in.

b) Pregnancy wreaks havoc on every bodily system. It's probably nothing, but mention it to the doctor next time you're in for a scheduled appointment.

c) Go read a book about characters with character; I recommend "To Kill a Mockingbird", "A Wrinkle in Time", and "Gate to Women's Country" to start off.

i would book and appointment with the chiropadist (I think thats how u spell it).

use some super glue on it this way it wont fall off and you can keep you feet looking nice

Your toenails are not strong enough, if you didn't injure yourself. Take more calcium, and vitamin E. E makes your hair and nails grow. Calcium makes them stronger. Also, not one, not even you will be looking at your feet when you deliver. You will be looking at the celing, wishing you weren't there, while everyone else is looking where it isn't so pretty, between your legs.

Go to any Mall and get a pedicure. They can fix it.

Honey, when you're in labor you aren't going to care one little bit about how your feet look!

Wrap it up in a bandaid so it doesn't break anymore, and just leave it. It'll either grow out on its own or fall out. Either way, there isn't much you can do for it. And if you want it to look nice when you're in labour, buy some coloured bandaids, I've seen pink, green, blue, that'd be cool.

Crazy glue.

jacob j
Put a band aid over it.

Keep the toenail trimmed and cleam to avoid further damage or infection. Will fall off when it's ready.

Doctor is the keyword. You might be low on calcium.

You won't be able to see your feet when you deliver your baby. I think the doctor will understand.

Support Breast Cancer Research
Labor is no hold barred. File it down with a clean nail file, so fungus wont get attached to it. Soak your toes in listerins for 5-10 minutes. Put either lotion or vaseline on your feet and wear thick socks to bed. This will keep your heels from cracking as well. Hope it helps

CaSeY LyNe
put some triple antibiotic creame on it and it will heal up or fall off but you dont wanna get an infection soo if it gets red and hurts go to you dr. also you will probley be wearing socks at the time of delivery so dint worry about it!

i dunno if pregnancy can cause this, id tape it up with a plaster for a few weeks till it grows out or however long it takes, also ive had 3 kids and i like u wanted nice nails but really what does it matter? when ur feet r swollen and the last thing u think of when ur delvering a bay is 'oh i hope my feet r looking ok' it just doenst work like that as long as they dnt smell then i'd say u'll be fine.

Oh, good grief. No one is going to be looking at your toes when you deliver the baby. Trust me.

Put a bandaid on it to prevent it from getting caught on your socks otherwise there is nothing you can do. If it falls off it will grow back. Also when you deliver NO ONE is going to even be looking at your feet so don't worry about that.

Nat Turner
I would put a band-aid on tight so it won't crack more

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