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My lips are so chapped, wind burned, and I have tried everything help!?

use petroleum jelly

try Vaseline or the medicated chap stick,be sure and put it on before going out side for sure.

use vasaline for a few weeks

Have you tried Vicks Vapor Rub.It works for me everytime

lucus papaw ointment!! its soooo good! also good on pimples

Try Vaseline my son gets really bad chapped lips and i put vaseline on them before he goes to bed and by moring they feel alot better.

Try a lip balm from aubreyorganics.com. They are natural and they work.

See a dermatologist.

DRINK MORE WATER and take some vitamin supplement pills

Break open a vitamin E pill- they usually have a gel/oil in them. Rub this on your lips a few times a day and it should help heal up the chap.

Be aware- you MAY get some small breakouts immediately surrounding your lips from excess oil from the Vit. E pill. But if you're careful this will be limited.

ALso- if you're into alternative treatments from the health-food store, try some Tea Tree Oil. Take a small amount and coat it on your lips. It works VERY Well.

Jen of Eve
Have you tried a vitamin E moisturizing stick? I get them at Wal-Mart in the vitamin isle. I use this on my lips many times in a day and my lips heal and become smooth. Try applying it every five minutes until your lips feel better then use it everyday as well as chap stick with sunblock. Your lips will peel and the dead skin will be replaced with new improved skin.

i know this is going to sound a bit strange, but before bed at night, use some lanolin nipple cream on your lips (the sort that breast feeding mothers use). a chemist recommended this to me once as i used to get chapped, crack lips. it really works.

Vaseline deadens the outer layer of the skin on the lips and discolors them. DO NOT USE VASELINE.

Drink a lot of water, especially smart water and don't drink any soda or gatorade (high in sodium).

For your lips, I recommend the honey lip balm from L'Occitane...it's a great moisturizer and doesn't feel sticky. It has the slightest hint of honey scent.

well, except for waiting on them to heal, things like chapstick are pro bably the best you can hope for.

Miss Casey
i use neosporin, u can use the regular ind 4 cuts ive actually never used the one for lips and it works like a miricle!

Here is what has worked for chapped lips in our family:

Before you go to bed at night, cake on Zinc Ointment... try to get the purest brand you can find (without all the additives like petroleum jelly and other petrochemicals). If you have some pure, unadulterated Lavender essential oil, add a drop. Next morning, do the same, and apply throughout the day.

Hemp oil (from the health food store) is very restorative as well, and easy on the lips. Hemp is called "Seed of Life" and has an amazing range of nutrients.

All the best!

krista sunshine
even vaseline??

go see the doctorss

Go to the health food store (or herbal type store), they've got some lip balm products that are KILLER (so to speak), they moisturize instantly and heal fast.

Daniel R
Chapstick Medicated is a good choice.

Apply Carmax several times a day.

use lip balsams, don´t lick your lips, drink more water

Truth D
You lack vitamin E

1) Mentholatum--it's a concentrated gel you buy at the store. They come in a small, green jar. Put that on at night.

2) During the day try olive oil. It will give you a nice sheen AND help moiturize.

3) Also during the day apply Blistex.

4) When you go outside for extended periods, put sun screen on your lips. You'll help yourself out a LOT.

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