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i know this a kinda weird question to be asking on the web but i need help
y do my armpits always stink? evrn wen i take a shower with soap and body wash and shampoo after like 10 min. my pits ...

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maybe a herbal or chemical remedy as long as it helps....

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 Skin problem help. 10 points for best answer!!?
i am 24 and i used to have acne. It all went away but then i started to get dry skin on my the cheeks of my face. When i shave it comes off and it looks like dead skin but if when i rub it and get ...

 How do I get rid of Cold Sores?
How do I get rid of Cold Sores?

-they are on my lips, and no -jeez- I dont have herpies....

 How do you get rid of hickeys!!!!!
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 Extremely dry, chapped lips?
My lips have always been dry and chapped since I was a baby, I am now an adult. My lips get dry skin and splits that bleed and I can't get rid of it, even if I can for a week or two it just ...

My legs wont tan, why?
I live in Florida, I lay out in the sun, no tanning beds or spray tans...I know it's hard to tan from the knee below, but does anyone have any advice on easier ways to tan my legs, because they're almost completely white, but my upper body isn't even close to being white. Any advice to pull the sun to my legs more?

Daisy May
tanning oil is good...
with a low spf

Cody M
tan using lotion , and tan using sun Tanning beds.

Jen palla【ツ】
you have whats called "wicktobob syndrom" sorry to have to tell you this but you are part albino, this means that if you stare into the sun too much then ur eyes will turn red; so instead of wearing sun glasses you can get the full coverage by wearing uv rated goggles at all times,,,,,

Soccer Star
use tanning lotion

idk. i have the same problem.
i live in fl and i just out my knees up and put the other leg on my knee.
and it gets it a little tanner but not that much.

Tanning lotion

well it takes longer for the bottom part of your leg to tan because fat tans easier than the bonier parts of your body. try an tan accelerator,

1♥♥♥♥% me
OMG!! I live in Canada and my legs are white!!!!! Its soooo ugly!! =S The rest of me is tanned and its soooo akward! HELP ME!!!

Poop F
please stay out of the sun it causes the BIG C if your young it will come later when you really dont want it.

Even Stevens Fan
maybe u need some 1 to ru them 4 u want a foot massage jk lol call me haha

Well how long do you lay out for?

I have the same problem and my theory is that because we shave our legs (and if you're like me, you do it at least every other day) frequently which exfoliates your legs and makes you literally shave off the tanned skins cells. When the new cells grow back they are the pasty white skin toned cells.

I don't know if there is any scientific proof to it, but it makes sense. I don't shave my arms, back or feet, (obviously) and they stay all stay tan.

I use Jergen's daily self tanning lotion on my legs, it keeps them bronzed.

Logan K
you dont have enough melinin (i dont know how to spell it) in your skin and you need that chemical to tan. Nothing to worry about there are many people i know who are outside all of the time and and dont get one bit tan. Its just something that comes naturally

I have the same problem. Like the others said, tanning lotion or oil should help, but you have to make sure the spots you want are in the sun long enough. Half the time I don't realize that the parts I want to tan aren't getting sun because the sun is at a weird angle or something.

Self-tanners work really well, too. I haven't been laying out this year. Instead I use Aveeno's self tanning body lotion and Jergan's on my face. When I don't feel like rubbing lotion all over myself I use Coppertone's Spray Tan. They all give me a nice golden color and I don't have to sweat my butt off laying outside (I live in Florida, too). Plus, I feel better that I'm not damaging my skin.

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