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My legs are SOOOOO itchy and i scratch them til' they bleed....?
so now i have this red rash-like thing on both my shins (just on my shins, and not on the back of my legs) and theres some deeper scratches from where i scratched my skin and then theres some red bumps. i try not to stratch them but apparently i scratch them in my sleep. =S i put cream on them but that doesnt really relieve the itch and i cant help but stratch all day!! whats up with my legs and what can i get to relieve the itch and the redness and the scratches from my fingernails? its driving me CRAZYYYY

Give me your address. I'll come over and scratch your legs, among other things, for you.

It sounds like you may have an allergic reaction or possibly have an infection starting because of scratching the skin right off your legs. You should really see a doctor about it. Until then, try lotion with anti-itch medication in it. Neutrogena makes one with lidocaine in it (Neutrogena Soothing Relief Anti-Itch Moisturizer), and that will help deaden the itch. You should also use a cream with cortisone in it, like Cortaid or Eucerin Calming Cream. But call your doctor, because if you have open wounds on your legs, they can get infected, and your doctor can see exactly what condition your legs are in to help them best.

You can also read about some people's experiments with itch relief here:
The woman who made the page had a specific cause to her itch, but that doesn't really seem like it makes much of a difference if you want lots of ideas on possibilities for relief. The banana peel sounds interesting to me.

Good luck!

Stuck in the middle of nowhere
You need to quit scratching them until they bleed it is only irritating them more. Maybe you are allergic to something?

sounds like shingles.... get antibiotics.

If you're really that itchy, see your doctor. It could be an allergic reaction to something.

1) Try a lotion called Cetaphil. It works great. I use to have rashes on my legs I couldn't stop scratching.
2) Wear a rubber band around your wrist. If you have that twitch to scratch that itch, caulk back that rubber band and let it go. The pain of the rubber band will be a reminder for you to not scratch.

David R
In these kinds of situations we all deny there's anything wrong, but a trip to the dermatologist will usually clear things up, it's probably nothing serious, but really a doctor needs to take a look. The right cream could cure you in 24hrs!

Yo C
You might have a case of scabies. They are tiny mites that burrow under your skin and leave slightly red patches.They make you itch like mad! There is quite an epidemic right now. See your doctor for a mite killer cream but be aware that it may take multiple tries to get rid of them. Only your doctor can tell right away if that is the cause. good luck

are your legs super dry? try putting vita E oil over your legs and just wait (for a LONG LONG TIME) for it to sink into your skin. i had a weird rash on my hands from crazy dryness and i put vita E over my hands over night and it eventually got better.

Lots of lotion and vaseline is very good

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