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kerry b
My hands have become very dry and skin is peeling off them. They are also very itchy any ideas please.?
I have recentley had treatment of antibiotic losengers for thrush in the mouth, could this have caused this reaction.

go to the leper colonies...now!

Fighting Cocks
not sure about that but try e45 or aqueious cream, my hands are the same, I'm a chef and it works for me.

Ms Fabulosity
See a doctor; you may have developed eczema

lt is best to see your doctor, as it could be a reaction to the tablets or it could be any number of reasons. E45 should help for the time being, but seek professional advice!

you may have eczema or psoriasis, both have dry skin and itchiness.
Check with your Doctor or pharmacist.

u must be reacting to somthin. see your doc coz u may be experiencing side effects

An allergic reaction to antibiotics would usually be over most of your body. The fact that it is just your hands means it's probably a contact dermatitis.
You could use Domboro solution to help with the itching and use hand moisturizers.
Be sure to wear plastic/rubber gloves when washing dishes, etc

Sounds like psoriasis. Stop itching them and peeling the skin, as it won't heal. It's chronic, but sunshine and sun lamps do wonders for hands and feet. The more you scratch, the bigger the permanent spots will get.


any lotion made with cocoa or shea butter with other moisturizers such as vitamin e should help. Also, try not to scratch them and stay out of cold or windy weather.

just put lotion on them and if that doesnt help after about a week then go see a doctor.

Try bag balm. Comes in a green can. Can be found at walmart.

Miss Behavin
Quite possibly = also, don;t use the soap in public bathrooms - it can be quite nasty

i get that when touch things i am allergic to.i get betnavate on prescription its very good and stops the itching

I would try Vaseline. My mother's hand used to crack and peel and then she started putting Vaseline on them daily and it helped. If the problem continues, I would go to the doctor.

Yes, but not directly. Antibiotics can sometimes allow a fungus - yeast - to overgrow. Dry peeling skin can result.

Check out www.hufa.org, the yeast link, for some basic information.

if u r under 16, u might have gotten the first signs of eczema, like i am experiencing right now. i dont know how i can help, but keep it moisturized.

Rob S
Norwegian hand cream or as many dove products as you can lay your hands on! That or see a dermatologist ;-)

paul b
I had the same problems. I ended up scratching the skin between my thumbs and wrist until they bled.
I couldn't stand it anymore and went to the doctor. He prescribed "locoid lipocream" in just a couple of days the itching stopped and within less than a week the scabs have almost gone.

Try E45 at night and put on cotton gloves overnight.

Mikayla S
If you use vitamin e lotion dry skin will only take a few days to get better plus it doesn't sting.

it could be a number of things. try looking at the soap you use, or you could have sirouses. (Not of the liver,) It is like excema, but not as bad. It is stress related. Go in the sun, and use lots of aloe cream

Don't know if your recent treatment could have caused it, but can recommend you try Aqueous. Its an emmolient cream it's not expensive and you should be able to get it from your local chemist.

this has happened to me in the past month and no matter wot ive tried its not worked, (sorry but i only being truthful!) although i am now wondering if the new soap at work we using is the cause, if you find the answer can you please let me know as it is frustrating as hell!

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