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My eye is red around the cornea?
what does that mean?

it has been like that for a wk now.

what should i do??


can i cure this without going to the doctors?
Additional Details
and i do wear contacts


sexxxy answerer
pink eye

Lay off the

sakura blossom
eye drops

Alex H
maybe it is hay fever - you can get some eyedrops from your doctor

You probably have pink eye so i think you have to go to the doctor and get certain eye drops i can't remember for sure

Might be beacause your crying to much or your contacts mabye u shold get glass`s and VISIT YOUR DOCTOR!!!

Life Skills
May be you should check if it is a dry eye problem


You should always consult your physician for all health needs.

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mike m
stop smoking pot

Get some sleep

Michael K
Could it be a broken blood vessel?

Total H
It is always the safest option to see a doctor. You may need eye drops, these may sound nasty and painful but it's really just as easy as putting contacts in.

If it has been that way for a week, eye drops probably aren't the answer. You can try them first, but if that doesn't help, I would recommend seeing a doctor. When you say cornea, do you mean the 'white' of your eye (called the sclera)? The cornea is actually the portion of your eye that bends light. However, the conjunctiva is the outermost layer of the that covers the sclera and insides of your eyelids. When infected, this membrane may become inflammed, resulting in pink eye. Definitely see a physician to be sure.

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