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My ears turned green from cheap earrings What do I do? What does it mean??
What do I do?? My earring hole is green!!! I bought cheap earrings from Claire's and have been wearing them for about a week, it doesn't hurt or anything, but it FREAKY!! How do I get rid of the green, and what do I do!!??

that judi
Clean your ears with rubbing alcohol and buy better quality earrings next time.

It's the acid/alkaline balance of your skin - a lot of people get that problem. You'll have to be higher quality earrings.

El Lobo
The green pigment is from the brass that the earrings are made from it is called verdigris. Go back to Waring gold or silver, and in the meantime the green will start to fade, and go away

this means that your earings are cheap

Take out the earring, if it swells you may not be able to get it off. Oh and next time you buy cheap earrings, I would disinfect the ends then dip them in vaseline.

I have gotten that with a ring .... all it is is just the cheap metal rubbing off and WASH TO GET RID OF IT

It just means you bought some cheap earrings. ;)
Wipe them with alcohol. You can also take a sewing needle, clean it with alcohol, then thread it with some thread and soak the thread in alcohol. Take the NON pointy end and stick it in your ear as you would an earring. Pull it through all the way so that the thread goes through your ear. This will clean the inside of your piercing as well.

I think it is some sort of reaction between your boday and the metal that is in the earrings.
It happens to me too, and it is harmless. You can use rubbing alcohol to get the green off.
Oh, and it happens to me with rings and bracelets too with EVERY metal except silver!

Je m'appelle Bee ♥
Don't worry. Just take a Q-tip and dip it in some peroxide and rub it over the green. it goes away like that. The same thing happened to me.

LaLa D
It means you're allergic to nickel. The green will sometimes come of will rubbing alcohol, but from now on, don't buy earrings with nickel in them. Claires offers a line of earrings that don't have nickel in them (Marketed as "sensitive solutions", I believe, or something similar.) Buy only silver/gold/other quality metal earrings, and make sure that if you buy silverplated necklaces or bracelets that you pay attention to if the plating is coming off, since the exposed nickel will turn your skin green. You can cover the exposed nickel with clear nail polish to prevent this.

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