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Julie H
My daughters suffer with terrible head lice, Ive tried all sorts to get rid of them, Im at my wits end!!?

Jessica B
this is kinda disgusting but it works. rub maynosayse in her hair so its covering every hair, then put a shower cap over it. keep it in for a couple of hours, then rince it out. it sufficates the lice, but if you don't cover it, it won't work. then clean the hair with lice shampoo, becasue regular shampoo gets the hair clean and lice like clean hair.

Cheryl M
I've had great success with a product called Fried Lice, it's available in Australia, not sure about overseas. It is made from essential oils and doesn't contain Malathion or Pyrethrins.

Until she is completely clear of lice all bedding must be washed daily - run things that can't be washed through the dryer or put in the freezer for several days. Clothing and hats must receive the same treatment, never wear anything more than once including coats and jackets.

To stop her from picking up lice make sure you tell her not to wear other people's hats or clothing. Hugging friends is one way of catching them too, no hair to hair contact. It doesn't take much to catch them.

Knowledge is power.





Yea you def have to sanitize everything and use rid x on there hair with the comb. make sure you deep into the scalp and behind the ears thats where they hide. after washing there hair (I would do two treatments if your having a really hard time getting rid of them) Then wash there hair with Tea Tree just to be safe. While you let the stuff soak into there heads clean the house. Vac, Scrub, make everything clean. lice can live on just about anything for a certain amount of time. If you have a bigger house or apt then do one room really good and put them in there until the rest of the house is clean. Also if your kids play with stuffed animals and barbies (anything with fur or hair) you should put them in a plasic bag and put them away till all of the lice have a chance to die off after about 2weeks then get them back out and wash then in the wash machine. LIce really can live on anything. Good Luck. Dont forget to scrub the head rest of any chair, Car seat, couch, and pillows must be washed. scrub the bed too.

buy a bottle of rid bye bye lice

Try fill up your sink with warm water and add a cap of DITAL and wash her hair DON'T LET IT GET INTO HER EYE wear a gokgu

Nix is the best thing to get rid of them.The instructions are in the box.You have to get those combs ,which I believe come with them.Take each strand of hair and comb out the nits.If you do not get the nits ,you will continue to have problems.Maynoise works to.Let it set ,10 minutes,wash it out.Take the combs and do her hair.Its time consuming but they will be gone.Good Luck.Also,it is not good to keep treating it over and over the with stuff from the drugstores.It works great ,the Nix ,but not good to use it alot.

When I had head lice when I was a child, my mum brought this over the counter head lice treatment that was thick, white and kinda gloopy. It was supposed to be used for a 10 minute period and then washed out. She would then get one of those very fine "nit combs" and thoroughly comb through my hair...which did work in trapping lice in the teeth of the comb.

If this doesn't work, I'm pretty sure she tried lemon and yoghurt. This has also worked for me...

If you've already tried all of this, just go and see the doctor. and when you eventually get rid of them, get the school to warn everyone

Andrea J
If over the counter solutions haven't helped, they may need a prescription shampoo. Contact their pediatrician. If they are of school age, the will not be allowed in school until they no longer have the head lice.

Don't look at my avatar.
Head lice are just pests in general, and they are terribly hard to remove!

There are heaps of explainations as to why they keep recurring.

1. You are not removing them properly. You only need to miss ONE nit (egg) or lice, for them to keep reproducing.

2. You have not cleaned the bedding, couches and hairbrushes properly. The bedding needs to be completely removed from the beds, soaked it hot water and disinfectant for an hour or so (a few teaspoons of teatree oil in the sink will help, too) and then washed through in the washing mashine as usual. Use the dryer instead of the clothes line to dry the sheets, just to be safe. The couch should be vacuumed, and hairbrushes, combs, harclips, bandannas etc, need to be soaked in a sink of hot water and disinfectant. Re-fill the sink and pop in some teatree oil, and soak for another half an hour. Make sure hair from the brushes are completely removed before doing so.

3. Her classmates, friends, neighbors etc, also have headlice and nits. Although headlice do NOT jump, they can easily be caught from person to person.

Headlice are a major hassle to remove, I know. Contact her school and let them know that your daughter has had recurring bouts of lice, and you are constantly having to remove them. This way, they will send out a letter to parents, informing them that there is a bout of headlice going through the class/es, and they are required to check their childrens heads for lice. There should also be a page or two on how to find and remove headlice and their eggs.

If your daughter has them, there are most likely numerous kids in her school with them. You could have them as well.

To avoid embarassment do not visit the hairdressers, as they will have to reject you or your daughter if either of you have headlice or their eggs.

When checking your daughters hair for lice, make sure your hair is completely tied back, and a towel should be placed on either your lap, around your neck (draped over your clothes) or wherever the lice (or hair with eggs attached) could go.

Definitely contact the school. They will not mention your daughers (or your family's) name in the letter; it is illegal if they do so.

Instead of informing your neighbors that your child has lice as if its THEIR childrens fault, say something like "My daughter has recently had a bout of headlice, so I thought I would just warn you, incase your children has caught them of her. Im so sorry; headlice are such a hassle!".

I have had headlice numerous times, and half the time I didnt even get an itch, so don't assume your child only has headlice if she is itchy!

Every time I had headlice, they were caught from a friend at school. It's really not her fault, because they are practically unavoidable.

Talk to a pharmasist about it, who should give you advice and a few pages about lice, and show you some treatments and remedies to remove them.

Lice HATE the smell of teatree oil, and I think it suffocates them.

Good luck!

I know exactly what you are going through and the people here answering obviously, do not. When my gorgeous niece came home with a dose of head lice from school, we were all quietly horrified, to say the least.

The ONLY safe way to get rid of head lice permanently is to use a totally natural alternative to the chemical preparations then use prevention methods such as hairspray and tea tree mixed with water in a spray bottle every day to ensure they never return.

You should stay away from chemical head lice treatments. Before you listen to anyone advising you to use a pesticide treatment please consider the following:

No chemical head lice treatment is legally allowed to be labeled as 'safe' as every insecticide is a poison.

Suffocation is an effective method where oil based products (i.e.: mayonnaise) are used to block the breathing holes and kill the live lice. The real trick though is to find natural products that will kill both the live lice and their eggs in one fast effective treatment.

Read these articles and try to find a natural remedy containing Neem oil as this renders the lice unable to breed therefore making it impossible for them to build up a resistance.

Feel free to check out the articles at the following site for more advice.

Good luck.

Molly Babes x
Hi Julie,

OK, first things first wash all her bedding and clothes nits could have fallen out of her hair while she sleeps and once you've treated her be crawling back in. Next treat the hair with an established product such as Full Marks or Nix. Then use a nit comb or a fine tooth comb and comb every inch of her hair removing all the dead lice and eggs. Do this to all family members, they might have them too and you just might not have noticed because they've not been scratching. Contact everyone your daughters been in contact with and tell them to check there hair, and don't forget to alert the school! Finally bin all the bobbles, head bands and brushes she used when she had lice.

Hope this helps!

Molly x

MR. m
use over the counter lice shampoos,but you must get rid of all the white nits[eggs] that are stuck on hair near the scalp,it is tedious work,but if you leave them there they will hatch,and start all over,it only takes one missed nit.after you get the nits out,do lice shampoo a week later in case you missed nits that do hatch and this should solve your problem.patience does help

Buck Hill
Supervise the friends they go with. The answer could be there!

here is what worked for me dont wash hair sunday before school as they like clean hair.
use tea tree oil and comb out every night also try viniger on the comb or hairspray.

Don't listen to the answer to get new beds and matresses - head lice cannot live away from the human head for long!

Conditioner and the good old nit comb every night, will get rid of the nits, tea tree shampoo is also good for getting rid of the lice if you don't like using a lot of chemicals.

Too many modern parents aren't getting the nit comb out the way our parents did so concientous parents like yourself have to suffer and watch their kids suffer.

It's a long drawn process, sometimes only for them to get re-infected at school. The local authority (in Scotland) has stopped us putting letters out warning parents that there is head lice in their child's class and we are no longer allowed to send a child home because they have head lice (this is classed as excluding them - but we can still send them home if they have scabbies!) - hence, constant re-infection for other children.

Speak to the school nurse or your doctor if things don't improve.

Every parent's nightmare and you have my utmost sympathy on this one

Eddy M.
when i had lice it wouldnt come out for like a month and in the end i had to shave off my hair (remember hair grows back) good luck!!!

OH! and tea tree oil!! i put one drop in my hair everytime i wash my hair!!!!
good luck :D

little bird
Smother her hair in hair conditioner . Then comb through carefully and thoroughly with a special lice comb . The lice cant cling to the slippery hair and you get rid of the eggs at the same time . Also if you use chemical products the lice can become immune to them and so it wont work.

You may have to cut her hair super short and keep doing the Rid X treatments with the comb. But, you have to sanitize EVERYTHING floor to ceiling and clothes (furniture,carpets,clothing,ect.)

shirley b
believe me ive been there.all4 of my chidren have had headlice. Wegetrid of them send them back to school and they catch them again.i have tried using loads of conditioner.and combing their hair when wet.tried tea tree oil.tried cutting their hair short. the only thing that worked for us is Hedrin.It is a horrible feelingseeing them in your childs hair and feeling helpless but believe me it is not your fault the doctor told me they are right out of hand and they are immune to almost all treatments.Just do the best you can it is no reflection on you it is a well known fact headlice prefer clean hair.Good luck.

Aimee Lou
tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner you can get it cheap from any supermarket...you can also get a special comb - it's metallic - and you can literally comb them out with it - it;s the eggs that grip on so you'll need the tea tree oil too :)

Ask your pharmacist for an over-the-counter (OTC) insecticide lotion or creme rinse. Apply the preparation according to the instructions, and remove the lice and eggs with a fine-toothed nit comb.

You should take care when applying treatment because the preparations are usually toxic. The normal advice is to treat once, and repeat seven days later.

There is no need to wash clothing, or bedding, if they have come into contact with head lice. This is because head lice quickly die without a host to provide warmth and food.

i hope this information has helped you in someway!!!!!
good luck in the furture xxxxx

This happened to me all the time when I was about 11. My mother was getting so annoyed because even if I would get rid of them, children in my class at school would pass them back onto me, but then I read about a website in the newspaper called www.nittygritty.co.uk and then my problems were solved!

PS. Headlice mouses DONT work. Headrin is quite affective but is a long procedure.

if you use tea tree shampoo and then conditioner. then comb through your daughters hair this will get rid of them and is a cheaper option than having to buy them from thr chemist

Ruby C
You tried washing with tea tree shampoo and conditioner?? the lice hate it!

Been there
First of all, all bedding must be completely washed in hot water and detergent. All stuffed animals (if you don't pitch then) must be put in plastic bags for at least a week to kill eggs, etc. All brushes, combs, etc. must be treated. Carpeting, and any drapes, etc. must also be treated. You must also treat their heads with something like RID - and comb through thoroughly. You cannot skip any of these steps.

Karen G
The best way is to get a comb made to remove lice, sit there and go through her hair in sections. I know it takes a lot of time and they get fed up but you have to get all the eggs out or you will never get rid of them.

Tea tree oil shampoos and conditioners, and massaging a little tea tree oil into the scalp and thru the hair.

susie x ♥♥♥
My son has suffered with these terrible creatures. We have tried all sorts of stuff but the only thing that works for me is loads of conditioner and going through each hair with a fine tooth-comb to get rid of all the lice in one sitting. Horrible job but I sit him down in front of a dvd with something to eat so he will sit still.

Some kids get infested more than others. Feel sorry for you. Wish more parents would treat there children then the problem would be better.

I find a really cheap method is to wash the hair put loads of conditioner on then wrap the head and hair in cling film for about half an hour. Great for making the hair soft too. Then rinse and recondition and go through with a nit comb. Works a billion and cheap. Good luck.

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