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Milde C
My daughter has big red circles with bumps all over her body. What is it? What can I do?

sea link
those are called hickeys

take her to her doctor and you can find out what it is duh

It sounds like a ring worm. If that is the case put calamine lotion on it or take her to the pharmacy and ask for ther opinion as to what you can use if you don't want to take her to the dr.


All over her body? Yeah it amy be allergies but i would seek out medical attention. she may be having an allergic reaction.

This is why its bad to use your children as tennis ball returns :)

Kelsey q
it depends how old she is:
if she is 1-5 its just the chicken pox but if shes 6 and up its probably chicken pox but if it is then it could be serious!!!
thnx kelsey q.

It could be a staph infection. Get your kid to the doctor, because none of the things it might be can be treated properly without a proper diagnosis.

scott m
go to er

cake n sprinkles
if i were you i would take her to the doctors.ask her if she feels dizzy or her stomach hurts.it may be an allergey.

How long has she had it? Does she have a fever? Is she complaining about her throat at all? That sounds alot like hives, but even if its not I would see her DR now, to be sure. Hives can be serious! Good luck!!

Sounds like chicken pox to me. Do they itch?

sounds like hives to me, she is probably having alergies to something, maybe she tried a new food or medicine, take her to the doctor to find out, they can give her medicine to clear them up.


Mike D
they may be black fly bites in wich its just a bug bite or it could be poison ivy if its not that go see a doctor

take her to the dr. no home remedies it could be anything.

bug bites possibly.

it could be 5th disease - a child's disease that was never named and will go away eventually. For some people it shows by having a face that is really red as if you were slapped a couple times and for others it appears in bumps. It is only bad for people who are pregnant. *It is contagious* most physicians would be able to tell if it is 5th disease and you can take a blood test to see if you ever had it.

It sounds like ringworm. She needs either an antifungal cream or iodine put on the cirlces twice a day. If they do not start drying up within a few days ,she needs to see a doctor. If you have pets you need to check them as well.

Sounds like hives, which is an allergic reaction. It may go away on its own, Benadryl is good for hives, stops the itch. But to be safe, this is not a medical forum and she should see a doctor.

Sounds like contact dermatitis. Make sure you use hypoallergenic to wash her clothes, no dyes, no dryer sheets.

ursala k
take her to a docter

red bumps is nowhere NEAR enough info... just take her to the doctor. in the mean ime, if its painful- soakk her in an epsom salt bath

chicken pox

Has she been outside? They could be mosquito bites. Or chicken pox. Or irritated skin. Just take her to the doctor if it doesn't clear up with some neosporin. In the meantime, keep her home from school and take her temperature.

nicola lala
take her to he docter

does she have a fever, does she feel sick, does she have allergies? not enough information here to give you any kind of rational answer. Suggest you take her to a doctor.

Not to state the obvious, but you take her to the doctor's, of course.

sounds like she's got the measels.

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