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My daughter has 2 bites...They are red, swollen and hot!?
What could it possibly be? We were outside late last night around the fire. We had bug spray on. She woke up this morning with 2 welps on her arm. They are very hot to the touch. She has vomitted once and will not eat. They do not look like mosquitoe bites. I gave her tylenol for her fever.

get her to a doctor

Dr Christian Troy
it could be spider bites. spider bites make arms red, swollen and painful.

take your kid to the hospital.

take her to the doctor she could of gotten a diseas froma bug or maybe a spiders venom has made her sick however take her to the doc to cheek it out

You should take her to the doctor IMMEDIATELY with the fever and vomitting!!! Some spider bites can kill a small child within a matter of days. Go to the doctor! If you're uninusured, go to the ER of a charity hospital or to the public health department first thing in the morning!

They could be stings and she could be having an allergic reaction.

Take her to the doctor, it could be spider bites. Go to the hospital ASAP. Better safe than sorry!

They might be spider bites. You should call your pediatrician and/or take her in to be examined - especially since she is vomitting and has a fever.

go see a doctor NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

☮♂♥♀Soul Flower♀♥♂☮
Those sound like spider bites. You weren't in Brown Recluse Spider area, were you? If you were, I would go to a doctor immediatley. Any kind of spider bite that does that to someone doesn't sound okay. Get her to a doctor!

You should take her to see a doctor asap. The site being hot to the touch, fever, and vomiting are indicative of infection or allergic reaction (possibly both). As far as what insect bit her, there is a long list of possibilities that vary according to where you live. The main concern is the reaction she's having to whatever it was. I would certainly not hesitate to take my child to the doctor given those symptoms. I hope she gets better soon ;).

sounds like Brown Widow or a Brown Recluse take her to a doctor asap

Caffiene Junkie
Sounds like spider. You need to talk to a nurse or doctor. Do the bites have 2 holes on each of them? If so, they probably are.

You really need to talk to a nurse or doctor.

You don't say where you live - that is important. In Florida we have fire ants and almost NO bug spray will work. If the bites are HOT to the touch, it is an infection. Check with the ER (by phone first) and see what they say to do. I almost died from a fireant bite (but it was an immediate reaction - so don't get scared -- she obviously has an infection only).

Heathery Lane
could it be a snake bite?

Stop everything ur doing right now and take that baby to the doctors or hospital.

It is most likely a black widow bite, black widows, and brown recluses are the only two species of spider in north America capable of biting humans. however brown recluse bites do not cause vomiting or a fever. take her to the doctor pronto. also if you could search her room or other places that she has been recently, and find the spider (it doesn't have to be alive) it would be very helpful for the doctors who are treating her. one of the first things that the doctor is going to ask you is if you have the culprit with you, and how that you even know what bit her, this extra step can save a lot of time, energy, and money on testing, and may even prevent a bad diagnosis.


Probably spiders. Bug spray doesn't affect them and they do get hot to the touch. Call your pediatrician, especially if she keeps vomiting.

Take her to ER now or Urgent care, the heat and swelling is her body reacting to some kind of poison, she could go into shock or begin choking..I have no idea which insect it could be, possibly fire ants.

Ok If her temp is over 101, call the dr. If it is low grade keep giving tylenol and keep her hydrated, Sounds like she had a localized reaction.
If she has troble breathing go to th emergency room.

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