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My Mom's face is turning yellow. What is it?
The left side of my mom's face is turning yellow in two spots right next to her eye and a second spot below it. It's nothing you can wash out and i'm sorta worried. Can anyone help?

She's not pregnant, she got her tubes tied

Elizabeth M
Not to scare you, but it may have something to do with her liver. I'd get her checked out if I were you.

It might not be anything serious. But just to make sure go to the doctor.

Could be a sign of jaundice,? have your mom see a doctor.

it may have something to do with her liver or kidneys...take her to the er....better safe than sorry!

Are the whites of her eyes yellow? If so she is jaundice.
But not knowing what exactly you are seeing, I would have her see a dermatologist, skin doctor.
Let him diagnose. Not us.

Please have her consult a doctor.

Liver problems does she drink alcohol? she needs to get her liver checked by her doctor that's not a suggestion

could be signs of liver problems.....see a doctor......

are her eyes yellow......if yes then dont waste any time.....see a doctor ASAP

fleshy queen
wash your face with Ivory soap, let air dry. take a benadryl. sounds like a alergic reaction to something. If does not clear up could be a liver problem. Please see a doctor.

jo j
go to the doctor. if could be something really serious.

maybe it's jaundice. good luck.

mary s
It could be anything from a simple healing bruise to a potential liver problem. She needs a blood work-up before you worry and get your self sick. good luck!

damn spitchus is lost
does she smoke? have a kidney infection? i would look into it .most times if u turn yellow it has to do with yor kidney's be careful good luck

Sounds like jaundice. Yellowing of the skin happens when the liver isn't doing what it is suppose to. Does she drink alot, or did she? Maybe look into that.

Liver problems will cause yellow discoloration. Old bruising will look yellow too.

racer 51
yellowing skin is a sign of liver problems. hepatitis maybe. usually. the entire body has a yellow cast to it though. check her eyes as well. if the whites are yellowing it could mean liver failure.
EDIT- just wondering makes a good point. it could be an old bruise. has she been hurt lately?

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