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Becky S
Lyme disease- pulled a tick off now there is a big red circle?
My husband pulles a tick off a few days ago on his back, now he has a redot with yellowish surrounding it then a red ring around the yellowish circle. Lyme disease or not??

Not Lyme disease. Just infected. Rubbing alcohol twice a day. If it doesn't look better in two days...then panic.

not sure. maybe call his doctor.

sounds like infection..I'd go to the dr and get antibiotics.

There's a good chance it is Lyme or one of 30 other infections passed on by ticks. If you get any sort of redness after a tick bite then you need treatment. However only 40% of people with Lyme ever have a rash so you can't go by rash alone. I would suggest going to one of the Lyme websites like Lymenews.com and start reading about the many symptoms. Fatigue, joint or muscle pains especially in the knees are the first symptoms of Lyme in the majority of patients.

I had Lyme 16 yrs before I was ever diagnosed with it and had been misdiagnosed with all sorts of bizarre illnesses. The Western Blot and Elisa tests are somewhere between 30-50% accurate leaving alot of infected people with a negative test result. Those tests rely on detecting antibodies which some people never make especially if you take anti-inflammatory meds such as Ibuprofen.

The Igenex tests and Q-RiBb tests are said to be much more accurate and that is how my dr found out I have Lyme. There is also a new test and very inexpensive compared to the others called the Stricker NK CD-57 panel available through LabCorp. If your results are under 60 you have Lyme; its that simple.

People are mostly ignorant of the devastation this disease can cause. A tick bite is not something to ignore. I learned the hard way and am crippled, hearing impaired and have impairment of the central nervous system at age 37. Don't let your husband end up like this.

Sounds like Lyme. Most of my kids have had it and it gives different symptoms to each. Weird disease. If if was a deertick, It would be no bigger than the "period" symbol on your keyboard.

Huey from Ohio
That sounds alot like Lyme disease. See a doctor right away before symptoms get out of control.

Princess A
i think it is well in order for your husband to really have lyme disease the tick that was carrying it had ot be on his body form 36 to 48 hours

it takes a while for the signs of lyme disease to show. it might be some other infection. go see the doctor.

The doctor can do a simple blood test. I would definitely go check it out.

make sure you got the head of the tick removed too .the head of the tick is verey small and will remaine embeded in the skin when removed causeing an infection.

It's possible as with any tick bite. On yahoo health it says that an early symptom of lyme disease is a circular red rash. I suggest your husband gets to a doctor ASAP to get it checked out. The quicker they diagnose it the easier it is to get rid of. Good luck

Did the tick have a white circle on it's back? If not don't worry.

the redness will go away.

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