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Ive got a big hard red lump on my stomach ive squeezed it and?
clear fluid oozes out plus blood i know i shouldnt have squeezed it how can i get rid off it can i buy anything at the chemist over the counter i havent got the time to go to the doctors sorry everyone for such a gross question only serious answers please

Sorry to say but eeeuuuw

Please find time for a Doctor,before it gets more serious!

SerbY G
I believe that you may have a condition called Hidradenitis Supprativa. It is a condition of re-occurring boils/ cysts/abscesses , that are often misdiagnosed as ingrown hairs, herpes, being unclean and folliculitis. This is a newly diagnosed skin condition , but there is a lot of info out there.
Here is a link :
If this sounds like it might be you, READ it, PRINT it out, and TAKE it to your DOC.
Its better to try to start treatment soon, it can spread over the body if left untreated. These boils can become quite large and painful. Sometimes even lasting for weeks or months , do not attempt to POP them they can then tunnel under your skin and spread all over the body. Most common areas are armpits, groin, binkni line, inner legs, and intimate places and basically anywhere that sweats and rub against clothing. Stress is a big inducer.

There is some support groups at MSN


and yahoo, and I am open for questions!
I have had this for 8 years, I was misdiagnosed for a LONG time, It was very embarrassing, painful and scary. I am just trying to help out so you don’t have to wait as long as I did.

It depends on how big it is. Might be an infection and will probally need antibiotics. If you dont go to a doctor put a warm wash cloth on it and it will help draw the infection out. Good Luck

just bathe it in warm salty water and put some antiseptic cream on it (savlon etc)you'll be fine

Could be an ingrown hair, try to find the hair in it and pull it out. Or it might keep reoccuring

but anti bacteria cream, i had thoose they last for 1-2 years, keep a band aid on it and dont let it spread around your body.

if it is a boil which it sounds like you can cause other boils by spreading the fluid because of the bacteria!! let it get a head on it and dab regularly with surgical spirit!!

its probably just a spot more like a zit you dont always get them on your face, the clear liquid is puss and the blood is normal you want to clean it as best you can preferably something like a sterile wipe if not clean with warm water then cover the wound so it doesn't get infected don't worry too much about it if it starts to change colour, smells, oozes yellow puss see a doctor its probably infected.

If you can't take time to see a doctor, make time to see an undertaker!

Confused Little Flower
use anti-biotic ointment on it and cover it with a bandaide. And keep it clean by washing it with soap and lukewarm water.

You can just put a band-aid over it. It will help keep your fingers off of it and give the lump time to heal. If you want, you can also a tiny dab of neosporin on it before you put the bandaid over it.

Its probably a BIG Pimple

the jeremy vile show
call Sigourney Weaver it could be an alien in there

Adrian Wapkaplett
put an antibiotic ointment on it so it doesn't become infected.

Old fashioned remedy to get rid of the rubbish inside it......combine a little soft soap (bar not liquid) with wqual sugar to make a paste, and put on the wound -cover, and leave overnight, it will draw all the puss and infection out.

sounds like a boil. You should not squeeze it. I would say put a little antibiotic ointment on it and leave it alone and wait for it to go away. If it gets worse them you need to see a doctor for antibiotics. Something like that can be nothing or it can be very serious if puss gets under it and builds. Keep an eye on it.

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