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 What would be best for my dry lips?
My bottom lip is dry and I can't stop licking it....

Is there anything I can use for chapped/dry lips, besides chapstick?!?


Aloe Vera is a good moisturizer, and should be available at any drugstore. It's primarily used for sunburns, but should work reasonably for chapped lips.

It probably won't taste very well, and commercially available chapped lip remedies like blistex and carmex will probably work better, but AV might be a good short-term solution.

aditi m
try homemade butter/ghee. You dont even need to buy extra, and it is completely edible

chapstick is just grease
basically perfumed, flavored, solidified mineral oil
mineral oil is not good for you

any grease you can stand
[butter, olive oil etc]
will serve the same purpose
to seal the skin and hold in moisture

vaseline is less solidified, non-flavored non-perfumed mineral oil
it still ain't good for you

if this a normal condition for you
[chapped lips]
you probably have a b vitamin deficiency
or other medical condition
[or are a professional skier]

try taking a multivitamin

some people get addicted to chapstick
[i don't know why]
[women just use lipstick]

petroleum jelly works... it has the same components as chapstick, minus the flavor... and it is available on pharmacies... try it! it's super effective...^^

Hey...Vaseline works great, its not a chapstick, it comes in a tub. If you dont wanna use it public just put a slightly thick mount on before bed and in a couple of days there will be a difference!

Lorenzo is right drink more water, it makes sense when we are dehydrated, lips and skin get dry, it is chug eight glasses a day, the best chapstick is carmex, because it will exfolliate your lips also and get all of the dead skin off. (you can get it at any drugstore).

Also, drink more water. Unless they're chapped because you spend a lot of time out in the cold, windy weather, you're probably dehydrated.

try carmex, or plain old vasoline. you can get them at a cheap drug store, you dont need anything fancy just keep the wind away from your lips and keep them moist.

vaseline, applied several times a day, and when you go to bed at night.
It's cheap, and works better than pretty much anything!

Foxy lady
Vaseline. Get it at the drugstore.

You can use KY jelly or a lubericant like that

vasoline is the best, and its cheep and and at any store

biker babe
Chapstick has wax in it, wax makes lips dryer. Try vaseline. I use it all the time and it works for me. You can buy it in any store except for where I live. Lol!

Asha J
you can use Vaseline, lotion or olive oil

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