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 Blackheads, zits.ahh!?
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 How can you get rid of nits?
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eddie s
Is it true if you tie a string around a mole it will fall off?

only if its a nasty stick out one...why use a string though when you can just pull it off yourself???

Yes, it's true. You can also do it with a hair off your head. Have someone tie it really tight around the mole. It will fall off.

Jessica L
yes its true!!! my dad did it once! lol

Yes. YES! NOW someone finally gets me and all my troubles!!!


♥♥ Merry Christmas! It's 4 days away!!! ♥♥

Year its 200% sure. Because of my experience I saw it takes 20 to 30 days.

Don't know about the mole,.but years ago I tied a string around my left testosticle and it fell off!!

Merry Christmas!

Zombie Killer Cat
I think that's for "skin tags" not moles! Don't F with your moles! Have a doctor remove it.

That really only works well for skin tags and the kinds of moles that stick out from the skin, and it's a lot harder than it sounds. It's easier to trim them off with a small, sharp pair of very clean scissors...as long as the mole is normal, anyway. They bleed quite a bit so you have to have something to stop the bleeding.

You should probably see a doc to have it removed.

Charlie M.
NO, if that were true people wouldn't pay thousands of dollars to get them surgically removed. U are talking about the moles on your skin, not the rodents, right?

Barbara F
Please don't do that to yourself! If a mole is bothersome, have it checked by a doctor. Because some moles will grow back. If you mess with them too much they could become infected. Moles can also be cancerous. So please please please, do not mess with the mole. Have the doctor remove it completely if it is too bothersome.

Be Careful!

*Miss. Rachel is a Sophmore!*

Maybe a wart.

Oh my lord! Don;'t do it! It's so unsanitary, not to mention the blood and scarring. Your best bet is to go to your doctor adn discuss your options!

Carol P
no it isnt. You'll likely cause more damage. You should also have a mole checked for skin cancer. A dermatologist will remove it and check it. Dont tie anything around parts of your body - thats just nuts.

Not if you tie it tight around its neck.

if you cut the blood supply for any thing it will fall ..but its not a good idea for moles...

Little Miss Sunshine =]
i dont think so! do you have too many moles?

ahh noo!
unless theyre like really small you can like.... pop it out or soemthing.
but thats sccary.

No, thats a tooth!

Yes...but almost all the time they grow back. Getting them removed by the doctor is the only sure way to get rid of one forever.

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