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Is it possible that I got bitten by a spider while sleeping?
I woke up two nights ago because my arm was itching and I noticed a red bump. I thought it's a mosquito bite, but later that night (when I got bitten again) I saw a nasty dark black spider on the ceiling. That's the 3rd one I am finding in my house. Then today I saw a smaller one in my bedroom. I keep killing them, but they seem to appear out of nowhere...I'm paranoid that they are crawling on me at night, and I can't sleep ...

Yeah. I've gotten bitten in sleep before. Go see a doc.

Pandora Tommorow
yes they can bite you when you are a sleep

yes it's possible....but a survey shows that by the time ur 30 u will have swallowed about 1000 spiders at night....somthin like that

Tory b
anything is almost possible..

Could be a spider,. I know how you feel! I couldn't sleep either until I knew that spider was out of the house and dead. YUCK!!

Yes it is possible cos when you are sleeping sometimes spiders do come to the body & they leave some kind of saliva which causes skin irritations or like burns boils.

Of course it's possible.

Yes it is possible when i was a little kid i got bitten by a spider when i was sleeping on my grandma's couch. They thought it was a brown recluse...it wuznt though. I've been having a spider problem inside my house also, right outside my house is a field so i have to get sprays. maybe they'll help you too.

of course...ouch

call a exterminator.... I was biten by a spider it is not a pretty thing to go thru..

Yes definitely, you should contact your pest control service to see about getting rid of them.

YES, it's very possible! I was bitten by one in my sleep when I was 17 years old, and developed blood poisoning.

!~ yes it is............but well... not sure..... try killing that spider before you go to bed tonight ~! *g'night ! (^_^)

yes and they say u will eat 12 i think number of spiders in ur lifetime while u sleep. crazy

It is possible but NOT likely. You probably have bed bugs. I suggest you call an extermination service.

Actually its almost impossible to get through even a year without getting bit at least once by some kind of bug, no matter where you live - dont worry about, there isnt much you can do, - spiders for the most part will eat the bugs that bite you at night

It isn't impossible. It actually happens to lots of people. I got bite by a spider the other night. Just don't think about it because if it was a dangerous spider you would have been feeling different and most of the time it would have started to swell and change colors. Don't worry about it because it happens to alot of people. You actually EAT 7 spiders in a life time while you are sleeping.

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