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Is it poisonous to have a green mark around your finger after you take a ring off of your finger?
I did and my mom said now it's ganna kill me or somethn'

No, don't worry. It is not posion. There has been an oxidation reaction involving the metal of the ring. It is not a problem. It will wash off.

Lucas R
no it wont kill you but the ring is fake

lol not at all

Your mother doesn't know what she's talking about. It's a chemical compound in the ring that absorbed into your skin. It's harmless and it will go away.

You're not going to die. This just means that the ring you were wearing is not real gold or silver or whatever it may be. Real material does not leave residue on the finger. But fake ones do. It's not poisonous. Just leave the ring off and wait for the green to fade.

It is not poisonous, and it does not necessarily mean that the ring is cheap.

It happens to some people, and the green will wash off.

No, it's not. It's just the metal reacting to the natural acidity in your skin. Usually with rings made of cheaper metal. Stick to gold or silver!

becca m
no it's not poisonous. the reason you finger turned green is because you ring has copper in it. any time copper gets wet it oxydizes its surroundings turning them green. That is why the statue of liberty is green is because its made of copper and the ocean made the statue oxydize. you will be absolutely ok if you can handle a green mark on your finger.

no all this means is that the ring was made of a very cheap metal and as it got wet it turned your finger green-it used to happen to me all the time as a kid. It won't hurt you and should wear off in a few days

♥doctor jayni♥
If you will lick the green part and it has chemicals left in there then you'll e poisoned. But the green color alone? I don't think so. Probably the ring is made of a cheap kind of metal.

richard t
it's a cheap ring..get a gold one and no ring.................

cheap rings ear rings will change ears fingers color don't were cheap stuff your allergic to cheap stuff it will go away

it means it's a cheap ring and made your finger green. it won't hurt you. the ring is just tarnishing.

I think you're mom is just kidding with you....the green mark is there because the ring was made with a cheap metal of some kind...it will eventually fade away and/or wash off.

omgsh nooo. its just from the silver not being real silver. it happens to most of us when wearin a cheap ring. lol yeah itll kill u. haha that pretty funny

of course not! i think shes just kidding..i think. but that green mark appears on ur finger with its a fake ring. LOL. so just dont wear the ring anymore and itwill eventually fade away. trust me it happened to me before and my friend recently got her finger green due to the fake ring she was wearing

julie a
No it will just wash off, put some clear nail varnish on the inside of the ring to stop it happening again.

Well i dont know about poisenous, but its definatly not good, was fingers good, it might be cuz ur ring is dirty, you do everything with, so all the food, dirt, and everything gets stuk to it, creating that green thing, so wash ur hands and that finger good, and then you have to clean ur ring, with a brush or something

could be poisonous if u take it into ur mouth. its the ring undergoing some form of chemical reaction. simply wash it off ur finger and it should be ok

Listen to your mom, if you're still alive to read this.

No, its just oxidation from silver or cheap metal. It WONT kill you.

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