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Is it okay to put rubbing alchol on your skin?

no body
Of course! That's what 'after bite' is made of. And if you get a cut it's what you usually put on it.

yes, it's good for sore muscles.

yes it's okay to put rubbing alchol on ur skin as long as u dont put it on ur face because if u put it on ur face because after a while ur face start to look old and dried up!!!

Yes rubbing alcohal is fine for your skin and is very gental. When a baby is born docters have mother use rubbing alcohal oround the umbical cord to help it fall of. If it is fine on babys sensitive skin you'll befine using it.
I hope I helped.

That is why it is made. People in the Caribbean apply it to their skin to ease pain and stiffness

yes, when you get your ears pierced you put it on every day or so.

Big Head
not for no reason. if you have a cut yes.

Erica F
Somebody told me its good to clense your skin...I do it every so often at work, especially when my skin gets really oily but on the negative side of it...my face dries out....try using a moisturizer instead...hmm I should take my own advice.

Ya. Iv'e done it like a bazillion times and my skin is fine. Just dont do it too much cuz it can make your skin dry and red. It also might not be too good if you have sensative skin. In that case you can get an astringent which cleans like rubbing alchahol but is more gentel and you can get the type for sensative skin too i think.

yes. that's what it's for.

Alowishus B
Yes. It's great for acne. Use a cotton ball and just have a look at all the grime that comes off of your face.

Yes rubbing alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, is safe for skin at any concentration but it will remove the oils from your skin causing that 'white' appearance which is just dryness. However the higher the concentration, the drier it will make your skin.

i know you can use it as a bug repellent on your skin when you are outside.

Yep...it'll just dry it out a touch.

Of course. That is what it is for.

No it can harm u and u might die

rubbing alchol or alcohol?

if you meant alcohol, yes, unless your skin is made of fire.

of course. that's what it's for. it cools clear skin and is an astringent for oily skin. It can dry clear skin so don't over do it.

Yes, but watch for drying.

ya...its actually some what healthy unless u consume it, it kills the germs and bacteria on your skin....

yep! that's why it's called rubbing alcohol. because you rub it in. doctors use it all the time.

Yea, That's What I Clean My Face With.

jack jack

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