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Is it better to pop a blister yourself?
or let it pop on it's own. my dad says yourself, my track coaches say on it's own. if i popped them myself, i would use a clean needle and just make a small hole to let the puss leak out. so what is better?

oh definitly use a small sterlized needle and just poke a hole to let the liquid come out. BUT if it's infected with yellow puss then I would see a doctor or call a nurse. IF you have health insurance most of them have a nurse hotline, that would be your best bet as to what you really "should" do. good luck!

By popping a blister yourself, you will make it very sore.....best to let it go down and dry up on its own if at all possible.

Your track coach is right. I studied chiropody for two years.The body provides a blister to protect a sore area from further harm. To cushion it from further friction and infection. You are hurrying the process along and so may get a sore/infected foot because of it. I hope not. I would advise no running for a day or more. Let it breathe!

you should never pop a blister. the fluid inside is whats healing it, it will go away by itself.

I always burst them myself after a few hours. I find that then the skin fuses back together a bit better this way, also it stops it bursting at a bad moment (like on a date!). As long as you keep the wound from the blister pretty clean it does not matter either way really.

Whoever i am
just pop it yourself it hurts for a couple hours but it goes away the next day. By the way i do track too.

leave it intact as long as possible, because it is sterile inside and will heal from the inside out. If it pops or you decide to pop it, wash it and keep it covered with a clean dry dressing

Angel S
Let it pop on its own.How sure are you that the needle you are going to use is really clean? That may cause infection.

It is better to let it pop on its own. If you pop it, you are giving it a route for bacteria to enter it and then it set up as an infection, plus the bubble protects the next layer of skin under it. If you pop it, that next layer of skin is going to be raw and sore. I would leave it alone if I were you.

No!!!!! Leave the protective bubble on top intact. The fluid underneath the bubble protects and helps to heal the tender skin. It keeps it from getting infected. Leave it alone & it will dissipate on its own. Eventually, there will be no more fluid left & the skin that used to be the bubble will just peel off. It doesn't hurt to put some Vitamin E salve/cream on it to keep the skin around the blister supple and discourage it from separating near the edge of the blister.

Feeky Chucka
Wipe the blister with surgical spirit / paint thinner. Your blister will evaporate much quicker and is less likely to pop.

Leave it alone. When you pop it, there is a chance for infection. I know it's annoying, but let it pop on it's own.

If you have pus in the blister, it is not a blister, it is an abscess. An abscess should be opened and allowed to drain.

If you have a blister, the fluid should be clear and you should leave it alone. The fluid is protecting the new skin that is forming.

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