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snake the way it is ...

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 How can i get rid of acne on my back,chest and shoulders?
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Is Dove soap good for skin??? coz have been using this soap for a long n swear!!! i really don't knw if it
really wrks........needs ur opinion n i used to stay in fornt of computer for 7 - 8 hrs, it seems it really makes me dull wit no glowness....

As far my knowledge says you should try camy soap coz its good one.

Yes it does...I have been using it for years now
Try Dove Energy Glow

I love dove myself but believe that all soap dries your skin to some degree. I always use sorbelene cream or vitamin e cream after i shower to add moisture back to my skin. i have a skin condition so i am carefull with what i use so i say keep using it just add moisturiser too

i find dove great....but different soaps are good for different skin types....try to find a moisturising soap that suits you....

any types of soap is made of chemicals. i think u can use herbals instead of chemicals as we r using.

I use Dove. It keeps my skin soft. It's those long hours in front of the computer that makes us dull witted.

I use the gentle exfoliating soap with a quarter moisturizer. It's pretty good, my skin is considerably softer.

Justin R
i have to agree with you, dove soap seems to iritate my skin. makes it itchy sometimes, ect.

As far as my experience is concened, Dove in only good for extra dry skin. If you have extra dry skin then its good. But it really don't give any glow or freshness to skin.
Some times it causes pimples also. Because it contains oils and lot of mosture.
If its making ur skin dull, then please leave it, becauseit is the initial stage towards worse problems.

yes i suits for dry skin but if we use it in oily skin the skin will become more oily.so if your skin is dry means its ok.........

raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar
use this apple cider vinegar for rejuvenating results. first, wash the skin in warm water,
no soap. next, apply a wrung out hot water soaked cloth to the face for 3 minutes, then
remove. soak thin cloth in warm vinegar water 2 tbsp per cup of water and again apply to face. cover the vinegar soaked cloth with a towel wrung out in hot water, relax and lie down for 10 minutes or more, if possible with feet elevated above head. remove both cloths and gently rub skin upwards with towel or small loofah face pad. this rub removes the hundreds
of dry skin scales. you can repeat this weekly or as needed. your skin will look youthful and beautiful..
i also drink the vinegar, 1-2 tablespoons in water with honey in the morning..and i use the vinegar water as a toner 2 times daily..

yes as the ingre dients are good and mild to skin it is the the best i think so

i think u should use it coz it can make ur skin soft and glow and pls stop siting on computer for 7-8hrs as this damages ur eyes....and skin.........

yes i'm also using that dove shop, it actually works, only shop doesnot make ur skin glow, u need to clean it in using some home remady , such as mixture of(besan + turmeric powder + milk ) and apply on ur face & claen it , use at lest once in the week & use some creams which make ur skin glow, such as lakme cream or any other cream which suits ur skin.be happy & then u can see that ur face will glow like anything.

I recommend the Dove Nutrium. It is very high in emollients and will make your skin feel so moist!!! Also, you can try the Dove exfoliating bar--it is white with these amazing blue beads. They BOTH smell good and make you feel GREAT!!!

either Mysore sandal soap or medimix soap is preferable to dove soap. soaps do not relieve you from the stress caused to you by sitting before computer daily 7 to 8 hours a day. apply cucumber juice paste with multani mitti or besan powder with curd and lemon juice and mix rose petals and apply the paste on your face daily 10 minutes, you will get glow in your face.

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