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If your veins are very visible on hands and out wat does that mean?

Crispy O.B.E
means you are an alien hybrid

pepzi_bandit 2
sounds likely that your hands are about to fall off, get some super glue,

Who knows ?????????
if the veins are outside the skin and go in when you touch soemthing cold it is because of hotness. if they don't go in they are with stress and it better if they get seen by the doctor. if they are only seen and not out of the skin, no problem.

huw 4x4

crazy person
it means that you stress your hand alot. like working out or writing for a long time. its normal

mines are visible. if you're pale ,ypur skin is thinner so veins show up easier.some on my arms and feet.

It doesn't have any medical significance - veins stick out in people who are thin and people who are muscular.

Red Dragon
You are HOT baby HOT! The veins get closer to the surface of your skin when you are too hot to help your body to cool down faster. Or something like that...

As well as changes due to temperature or stress as mentioned by previous answerers the percentage of body fat will make a difference. Less fat means more visible veins.

If you have them all the time, then you probably just have thin skin... like me :)

Usually that you are warm. the warmer you are the more they stand out.

It's probably nothing at all to worry about. It means you don't have a lot of fat covering the veins in your hand. It might also mean that you have strong hands with good blood supply to the muscles.

my veins show through my hands and there green and the doctor said i was not drinking enough water so i drink lots of water and they go away.. when i don't drink water they come up big and green ..scares the **** out of me.

Mine are the same. If you are worried, please see a doctor

my veins poke out all over the place don't worry is ok

my friends dad had the bigest veins i have ever seen

he's dead now

it dont mean nothing. different strokes for different folks. better for you when you need to locate a vein for any reason. no stress at all

i have pale skin so mine are very visible! but yes just means you are warm which makes the veins come up to the surface x

Its just a variation of normal, nothing to worry about;

Black Orchid
Its completly normal its nothing to worry about

if your veins of hands are visible and stand out,there is no need to worry

it is normal to happen according to change in weather

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