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If your skin color become yellowish, does it means I have already hepa b?
when I close my hand very hard, the yellowish color appears, so im so worried if I have hepa b

you could be having trouble with your liver....you should go see a dr.

consult a doctor or a free clinic

Brittany K
jaundice liver failure

Is your skin naturally yellowish? If not, it could be hepatitis, kidney disease or liver disease. See a doc.

doubt it.

cristelle R
most peoples hands turn slightly yellow when they close it hard and keepit closed like that for a few minutes// however, if you are concerned and feel LETHARGIC then i suggest you see an internist... it could be even your gall bladder which can cause this...not only hepatitis B causes yellowing of skin

It's so obvious noone is reading everything you wrote XD

No,.. there are a good number of reasons someone would be Yellowish. The Hepa B it's self isn't what causes Yellowing,.. it's problems with your organs it is causeing, such as your Liver.

A few organs haveing problems can cause yellowing. An allergy can cause yellowing. An unablity to process certain things properly like Yellow Dyes can cause Yellowing. It goes on and on,..

Some people's skin types naturally have some Yellow to them,.. maybe you should think of it as most people.

What you are asking about though doesn't indicate anything of importance. You are extremely likely to have some ammount of calusing on your hands and finger tips to begin with... for you not to would mean you did nothing with your hands all day but softened them... you wouldn't use any pens, pencils, or a keyboard.. nor eat on your own,.. just constantly soften your hands. So just useing your hands at all or haveing any ammount of yellow in your skin tone ( even if never noticed) are enough for you to see yellow if you close your hand and open it. You're also cutting off blood flow and loseing "your color" by doing that,.. so to put it simply you are seeing your worn out, dyed, bloodless skin.

If you were jondus ( that's something that happens to people with Hepa B) you would constantly be an abnormal for you yellow or orange with the whites of your eyes effected. Parts of your body would be bloated and you would most likely be in pain. You wouldn't need to Squeeze your hand to see it.

Gary D
Yellowing skin and the whites of your eyes means you do have a liver problem. This yellowing is called, "Jaundice", and can indicate any number of several liver problems. You should seek a doctor as soon as possible for a diagnosis.

you may just be jaundest

Dragon Prince
It could mean anything but go see a doctor. However if you are clenching your fist hard then its normal for the skin to go yellowish as you are stopping blood flow.

Good luck

not really unless u've other symptoms of hep b or any other signs wic leads u, may b u hv anemia or other disease, so y dont u visit a dermatologist

if your eyes our yellow your in trouble. Your liver is shutting down. Go see a Dr as of yesterday.

You are probably freaking out over nothing but here is what I'd do:

I would go to the doctors. They will likely give you a blood test to see what is going on. It's probably not hepatitis although it might be have something to do with your liver. Any other symptoms other than the yellowish color?

the yellowish after closing your hands is normal. Look at the whites of your eyes and your skin to see if they are yellow. If they are, you need to have your liver enzymes checked. Jaundice (except in newborns) is often a sign of liver failure or pancreatitis.

Oliver Natividad
nope. But of course, consult your doctor to get an expert opinion.

sounds like jaundice to me

Crystal Marie
i know someone that has hep c and she gets yellow, but its not ur hand, its your whole body...and it has to do with your liver. hep c is not currable, and closing ur hand real tight and opening it doesnt mean its actually yellow...push on ur skin with one finger and watch what happens...its the color in your skin...lol chill out, chances are u are absolutely fine ;D

It means you have jaundice which could be a symptom of hepatitis.


If MY skin color becomes yellowish, it does not mean YOU already have HepB.

Now, if your skin becomes yellowish, it could mean many things - but most of them are related to a liver problem. Could be any type of hepatitis - A, B, C. Could be cirrhosis. Could be a block in a biliary duct.

The bottom line is - don't self-diagnose. See your doctor.

Mr&Mrs J
it could be that your liver is not working properly that also causes yellow (jaundiced) skin color.

Not really. Check your eyes. Check the color under your eyes. Also are you or do you feel ill? Feel run down? If in doubt see your doctor. Put your mind at ease.

Nancy B
If this is the only time you see yellow skin, no problem. A lot of people have yellow (or pink or bluish) undertones in their skin. However, if the whites of your eyes are turning yellow, go to a doctor. Could be liver disease or gallbladder disease, among other things.

jaundice - the yellow color in the skin is caused by other things besides hep b - it can be caused by any sorta liver problem- sirrohsis, liver tumors, hep, any type of liver prob.

Could indicate one of many Liver problems. Don't hesitate, get to the Doctor right away, you only have one liver!

YaoYao D
I don't think you have it. When I close my hand hard, it turns yellow too. I ask my friends to to the same, and their hand turned yellow too. I think theres nothing to worry about.

Hmmm, the only condition I can think of that turns skin yellow is jaundice. However, I just closed my hand tightly and it looked a LITTLE yellow, so if it's REAL yellow I might see a doctor, but if it only a TAD yellow and it only happens when your fist is closed, don't worry about it!

it could also mean you have liver disease or cancer..... if you are jaundiced though I would have it checked out.

Fred W
I don't see how my skin colour can be used to diagnose your health problems, but I would have to guess, no.
Sounds more like a case of white knuckles to me. With hepatitis B, you don't need to clench your fist to show the discolouration, it's quite obvious.

van kedileri
stop doing that with your hand-- has nothing to do with disease

THAT or you're becoming Asian.

Think about it.

Edit: My bad. I thought the question was so ridiculous that it deserved a ridiculous answer. I give myself a 'thumbs down' too.

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