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its on my legs. not my privates....

 What can poeple use to reduce their acne..things that people have in there everyday home?

C. T
I used nair on my face and now its red,irritated and kinda burns..what can i use to help it heal?

What kind of stupid person would put Nair on their face. Did you do it to remove the hairs??? Well, use conditioner/cream rinse. It should take away the burn and the redness should probably go away soon. Please pick me for best answer, im new and kinda need the points...

Go ahead, make my day!
Petroluem jelly (Vasoline) or olive oil

Digital Age
ice, olive oil, cold cream

Just me :-)
aloe vera gel. just put that on, its always gonna help.

and look up homemade skin reliefs or something like that online and itll give you recipes for things you can make from ingrediants in your pantry.

and eucerin and aveeno have lotions that you can put on it. both are skin relief lotions and i kno aveeno's has menthol in it so it will cool down the burn you have. they both work really well, but eucerin cost more and aveeno is natural.

it'll take a couple days, but it will go away faster and improve your skin condition, whichever of my suggestions you decide to use :]

sarah h.
My friend did that on for her "mustache"..that wasn't even existant just only she thought so. but it was red and kinda looked a little bruised for a couple days..put lotion and vasaline on it..its not going to miracly go away riht away..you have to wait it will vanish in no time

Try going to genniesalve.com, This stuff is great.You can tell a difference in 1 day. It is good for lots of things. Its great to keep around, And its all

Steve V
Try something with aloe vera. Put it on about a half inch thick and let it sit for a while.

Avocado oil.

It never fails.

Aloe vera. It will work wonders.

♥♥The Queen Has Spoken♥♥

You would better off using a wax product. Sally Hansen has one that does not require muslin and heats in the microware.

nothing that i know of. the best thing that i think you should do is to leave it alone for a while. if you have plans for today, cancel them because your face is malfunctioned. and don't ever use nair on your face again.

Pauline P
A nair rash can happen with a lot of people, especially on sensitive skin areas.

well u also can u baby rash cream


Rinse your face but don't use soap. Then pat on an unscented lotion like Aveeno and leave it alone. It will go away shortly.


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