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I just got a cold sore on my upper lip and i NEED to get rid of it ASAP!?
It looks like a bump on your lip..or like a pimple? I don't really know..but I have to be on stage soon...and i really don't want my cold sore, when i'm up there! Any ideas on how to get rid of them? Thanks a bunch, in advance!

I Can Lick My Eyebrows
Use Abreva. About $14-15 for a small tube. Use it one you feel them coming on. Once here, a cold sore has a life of about 1 week. Aside from treating them as soon as you feel them, you have to wait them out.

I know your pain. I went to the emergency room becuase of them a couple of years ago.

Hunter J
This link is to the one medication that is proven to heal cold sores faster than anything else on the market:

A a cold sore is an outbreak of the herpes simplex virus (HSV1). It is estimated that over 90% of Americans carry the virus, but only about 30% of those have cold sore outbreaks.

Cold sore treatment options vary widely. There is prescription medication, over-the-counter medication, and home remedies for cold sores - many of which work remarkably well.

Here are some links to a site that helped me with my own cold sore problems. Since I used some of the methods outlined here, I haven't had a problem.

This is a link to the “Ultimate Cold Sore Treatments Guide” that outlines a bunch of cold sore remedies that work, both medicinal and home treatments:


This link is an entire glossary listing all of the best cold sore treatments compiled on to one web page:


That site is updated pretty regularly. Hope this helps!

ºWellness Coachº
I REALLY wanted you to know that you can EASILY never have to deal with another horrible, awful, nasty cold-sore for the rest of your life!!

I got them every winter my whole life until 3 years ago (I'm 36 now) and they were the BANE of my existence...the whole process took weeks to heal and would leave a scar for at least 2 months sometimes!

I was reading a message board on www.curezone.org and discovered the PERFECT remedy for both healing them and preventing them completely:

So, I buy the liquid tincture by "HerbPharm" and it has not failed me ONCE...Whenever I'm feeling drained, tired, stressed, or get that tingly feeling on my lip, I just load up on this stuff.

This is the one I buy:


You can also get Olive Leaf at Whole Foods Market, and other natural food stores.

Very cheap.

The first time I tried it, I was actually halfway into a major eruption and I drank a bunch of the extract in some water.
AS I WAS DRINKING the stuff down, I could feel the swelling on my lip shrinking...I was in such shock--I ran to the mirror--it was shrinking before my eyes and within ten minutes my lip had returned to NORMAL...I began kissing the bottle of Olive Leaf...yeah, I really did!!

I had tried everything in the past...I can't begin to tell you what I went through...and it's now been 3 YEARS since I've had one!

I've been in the Alternative Medicine field for some time now, and offer individualized consultations:


Drinking buttermilk (which is gross) is supposed to help clear up coldsores.

Good Luck!!

A little deodorant will dry it out.

The fastest way is to buy Abreva, shortest healing time. Good luck!


Undead Monkey
Abreva is the only way to go - get a tube right now.

Professor Jelly Tot
It's called L-Lyzine. It's an amino acid. It's available in oral medication and a lip balm that you apply. Available at health food stores. A bit pricey, but TRUST me, it works!

It's a bit late now that it has erupted but you can try this anyway. When you start to feel one coming on take an ice cube and wrap it in a towel and hold it on the tingly spot for as long as you can. Each time the spot tingles use another ice cube. If it has just erupted you might be able to calm it down a little by using the ice method. It freezes the virus. Be aware of your lips and if you feel one coming on use the ice straight away and it will stop it from erupting.

Over the counter stuff - I would use Abreva. It will help dry it up and make it go away faster.

The fastest way requires a prescription. Call your Dr or Dentist and get them to prescribe Valtrex. You take one dose (4 pills) and then a second dose 12 hours later. It will stop the cold sore virus in its tracks and can prevent an eruption if taken at the first symptoms. You can also get Denavir which is an anti viral ointment to put on the cold sore to dry it up quickly but Valtrex is the best.

irish eyes

Sweet n Sour
Get some of that cold sore medicine that you can buy over the counter at Walmart or any drugstore.

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