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I itch! Why?? It won't go away!?
Okay so this has been going on about a week now. I'm really itchy basically everywhere my boxers cover: upper legs, rear end, privates.

I can't figure out why! I'm wearing the same clothes, using the same laundry detergent and fabric softener I always have, I've washed my sheets, I'm eating pretty much the same as usual, I've never experienced this before so I don't see how it could be allergies. I don't notice any bumps. I wash regularly with the same soap I've always used.

It's not too bad throughout the day, but it gets REALLY bad when I go to bed; I have trouble sleeping because it almost gets painful if I don't scratch.

Could it just be dry skin from the weather? It's been a bit chilly recently but nothing I haven't experienced before. I've tried covering myself in lotion but it still itched. It's weird because it's only in the area I specified; everywhere else feels normal.

Help, I'm dying here! Thanks :)

Sonja R
I hope this is for real. Try taking a benedryl before bed.

Kris L
You may be having a response to sodium laureth in your soap ... and sodium laureth is in ALL soap and shampoos, and it dries the skin. Try getting a bar of 'pure shea butter soap' and wash with that ALL OVER ... you are actually fairly well off, since you only itch ... but if you don't 'fix it' then you could develop sebhorrea, and that is a NIGHTMARE to get rid of ... if the shea butter soap doesn't work, get 'pine tar soap' ... you'll have to get it through the pharmacy, but most have no problem with ordering it ... and I do feel for you ... my husband has the same problem, but he has full blown sebhorrea now and must alternate between the shea butter soap and the pine tar soap to keep his skin clear and not itching, as well as not getting the 'dry red scales' that you can get with sebhorrea. GOOD LUCK ...

Evelyn quintanar essabilla emily
try the calamine lotion you can get it in the chemist or drug store if it's still itchy go to the doctor so that he can give you a proper treatment.

weird. If it was dry skin, it'd itch in other places AND stop itching with lotion. three things - first, new allergies develop, so even though you didn't have allergies to something before you might get it now. second - is there anything specifically related to boxers that could cause trouble? Like, prankster friends and relatives, a new way of storing them, tighter pants so that the boxers rub more against your skin...? Third - any way you got some parasite, infection or something?

perhaps, something changed in the water you wash yourself with???

you can itch from sweating if the covered up parts sweat.

too much laundry detergent, use less.

This happened to me when I was a teenager but it went away. I had to go to the bathroom during the middle of thenight just to splash water on my chest in back because it was so itchy that it was so painful. I dont know what cuases this but I started drinking a lot of water and made sure to moisturize every day.

You know, some sensitivities and allergies happen even when you are not changing things...you just begin to develop a new one. Try using some lotion on the affected parts. If that doesn't work, try cortizone cream SPARINGLY. And if that doesn't work...get a referral to an allergist.

Mong T
I have the same problems too. It usually happens in the winter time, because you shower with hot water, right? It usually goes away with lotion or cream. Sometimes some lotion dry pretty fast, and won't be as effective. Try out different lotions, each person reacts difrently with different lotions.

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