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Dave C
I have poison ivy. Please Help. Itching like crazy?
I have poison ivy on the back of my leg, under my chin, around my mouth and in a place im not going to say. Any suggestions on how to treat it. Im currently using hydrocorisone cream.

I would recommend oatmeal bathes, then putting calamine on the rash. And taking some benadryl probably wouldn't hurt!

P.S. Stay out of poison ivy!

oh no! poision ivy is not fun...i've also used Calamine Lotion or Aloe Vera, and cool oatmeal baths...i came across this site that may also help you out: http://pediatrics.about.com/od/weeklyquestion/a/0408_poison_ivy.htm

use technu

You need to get in the shower. Turn on the water as hot as your body can stand, but not too hot so as to burn you. Use a shower sprayer to get to more private areas. Stand in the direct water for a minute or two. Do this to open up the pores and draw out the histamine. Then get out, dry off, and take a Benadryl. This should help for a few hours. You will have to repeat until this clears up.

Haa haa ha.. (sorry) a friend of mine had it where the sun don't shine!
Calamine lotion is the only thing that calms it.

Hydrocortisone cream sounds good ... can you get a prescription for a stronger dose?

You can also take Benidril (anti histamine)

I am a red head and got it one time from a BUCKET that had a plant in it! so i have a great deal of sympathy!

Burts Bees makes apoison ivy soap 100% natural!

i just got over poison sumac and oh god it was terrible. you need to get the aveeno oatmeal stuff. It really really helps the itching. Also, don't use hot water on yourself AT ALL!!!! it will just make it worse, really. You can get Aloe also, the gel kind. You can not itch, it will take even longer to get rid of. Just be good, use different towel everytime you shower (cold water helps too), change your sheets every night...do all this and its dried out in maybe a week.

I would sugguest a steriod cream from you doctor or if you dont want to pay a doctor bill get some calamine

Mad Season
Best thing to do is to go to a Dr and get the shot for it. It will start clearing up the next day. If you have the money it's totally worth it and it's not that expensive. Nothing over the counter really works that well sorry. My brother gets it once a month and uses calamine lotion (the pink lotion) but he just usually gets a little patch poision ivy on his leg or something. BUT since it is already all over your body you really need to go and get the shot. I have had it once and they use a tiny needle you can barely feel it and I HATE shots.

Pru loves Emo <3
anti itch cream..
swabbing it will alcohol..

put on some cream or you can put ice to sooth it

Poke master
scratch your palm on your hand, trust me

well all you can do is continue using it and see your doctor. how did this happen

Memo W
Dont jump in poison ivy!!

Get some Benadryl (diphenhydramine) pills from the drugstore, but they might make you sleepy, so keep that in mind if driving, etc.

P.S. Don't strip in the poison ivy ever again.

Go get some Lanacane. Its in a yellow and blue tube. I am highly allergic to poison ivy and Lanacane works wonders with the itching.

The Phantom Lord
Zanfel works wonders. It is $40 a tube, though.

YES!! Go to the pharmacy and get a product called Zanfel. It is expensive but so worth it. I had a terrible case of poison ivy and it was spreading like mad. I found out about this product and used it thinking it wouldn't work but it was awesome. Please just do it, the relief is amazing.

Best of luck!

You can take Benadryl, but be careful if you need to drive as it might make you sleepy. If Benadryl and your cream don't do the job you could go to the doctor for a shot of steroid...that WILL knock it out.

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