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I have marks of chicken pox on my face & all over body from past two months how can i get rid of it?
i was suffered from chicken pox on 2nd june 2006 but my marks are as it is as they were. please help me to get rid of them. suggest me any kind of medicine or face packs etc. please help me.

and so
60 grit sand paper twice a day

You can try the remedies listed by others but the chances are pretty high that the marks will go away on their own without lotions and potions as long as the spots are not infected. Picking and messing with the spots can irritate the skin and prolong natural healing.

Prabhakar G
Title : How to get rid of my chicken pox marks on face and body?

From: Ratna
The Question is, how toI get rid of chicken pox marks on face and body. Apparently you have scratched them a lot and they are now looking very ugly.

The herbal remedy to remove chicken pox marks is to apply ground neem leaves and turmeric on the marks. This has to done for few weeks to get the result.

Actress Neha Dhupia has caught this contagion and it has almost threatened her career. But her moither assiduously attended to her with the herbal remedies which helped her.

SRK_Rani_Jodi no 1
I'm thinking you scratched. You NEVER scratch. THey should clear up naturally but if you're looking for a quick fix,try laser surgery

Skin marks caused by chicken pox will go away in a matter of time time maybe weeks. Never touch it, just leave it as it is and wash like you used to. Picking or scratching it will even do more harm than good since once it gets infected it will leave tiny small healed craters in your skin. Millions have had chicken pox and it never left any marks on skin unless you get too conscious and try something that may even worsen the marks.

Jackie J
Poor you. I had chicken pox when I was three years old and I still remember the itching :-( It's still early so trust me, the marks will eventually fade. Until then, lots of vitamin E is good for skin complaints. The cream can be rubbed on your skin and the tablets can be taken orally (but check the label first if you have other health issues). Drinking lots of water is also the best for your skin.
Best thing is you only get chicken pox once!

Mederma is a skin care made to reduce scars.

You can go a medical spa and have microdermabrasion done on your face and actually other body parts as well. It is safe but may take several treatments. Good luck!

go to the dollar store, or walgreens, get a stick of cocoa butter and rub that on the marks. that should get rid of them but it will be a gradual process. do not pick at them.

well, you can try Palmer's cocoa butter lotion... that helped fade some of the blemishes on my face but you have to put a little dollop on them and leave it there for a long time for a lot of days... good luck with it!

I still have them too! lol but with time its getting better...use Arnica Massage oi...lots of Plastic Surgeons use it for after operations....I got it at Kroger's Food Store in the Health food section is 12 dollars..I use it for all scares...

You shouldn't have scratched!!

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