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John D
I have lice, but I'm alone and have no one I can ask for help in removal, what can I do?

Additional Details
I have long thick hair, I don't mind having it cut, but none of the barber shops will take me, also I want to keep as much length as possible.

Call your local home health care and see if a nurse can help you, it might cost a little but it would be worth it to get rid of the lice.

do you have close friends.. or know any one that has medical expirence? you could go to a doctor...


You are correct in asking about help. You can NOT remove all of the lice and nits on your own (unless you are double-jointed).

You will have to do lots of laundry on your own at high temperature for both the washer and the dryer.

You will need a good shampoo and a great nit comb since you have lots of long hair. The ones that come with the shampoos will be useless to you and frankly the chemical shampoos are generally just creating superbugs as they gain resistence to the chemcials in them.

You may want to consider getting a shampoo like NitFree or others that are designed to loosen the glue that holds the nit to the hair shaft.

You will also want either the NitFree Terminator comb which is long enough and tough enough to go through your hair or another of the premium combs that you need to buy online.

And finally you need someone to help. You can not comb all of yoru own hair with thsi type of a comb. You will miss a spot or two. As sommeone said, are there private nurses who could do this or someone else that could help.

Good luck.

Lice (crabs) has been around since the start of time.

Don't fret.

Any pharmacy has appropriate shampoo whose application will quickly arrest the problem.

(They are crustaceons and cannot be done in by water).

Do not make your small problelm bigger by taking no action or becoming frenzied.

Get to it.

There's numerous lice removal products in your pharmacy (usually where they sell the bandaids, alcohol etc)

Go to the drugstore and ask for something for lice. There are many shampoos that you can use to eradicate the lice. Also use a lice comb to dispose of them after they have been killed by the shampoo.

There is no need to cut your hair. Just go to you local drugstore, (CVS, Walgreens, etc.) and buy RID which will kill the lice and their eggs. You use it to shampoo your hair and also as a body wash.

Be sure to wash your clothes, bedding and towels in very hot water to ensure that all the lice are gone.

cora m
Depending on your budget, you can buy nix lice removal or something to remove them, they come with a tiny tooth spaced comb that you have to comb through your hair piece by piece. YOU DON"T have to cut your hair. The lice don't care how short or long your hair is. Lice isn't a sin to get evrybody has gotten them at one point or another. They're a sin to keep. When I was younger my mother bought Kerosene and dowsed my hair with it. Left it on like 2 minutes and washed it out. Now days I don't advise it. Kerosene BURNS your head and kills your hair. Plus you smell BAD for days, no matter how many times you wash your hair. NIX is definately the way to go. You also have to treat your whole house with a spray that kills them. You have to change all sheets and wash in HOT water. Treat all the places you sit. Wash and disenfect everything

Go to your doctor or pharmacy and see if they have anything you can kill them with before going to the barber shop.

Change the sheets and pillow cases, get rid of your brushes, etc.

go to a drug store and get a bottle of nix. it's like shampoo, but it kills the lice, and their eggs. also comes with a comb to remove them.

ok this is a really easy problem to fix :)

go to your pharmacy and ask for a shampoo or treatment for head lice. there are loads of good products which will kill lice. you dont need to cut your hair at all!

Good Luck x

my cousin had it a while back and they couldn't get it out of her long hair so they used mayo and put her hair in a hair cap and that was the only thing that worked oh and also a blow dryer might help cause heat is suppose to kill them hope that helped

1).viniger does the job. also buy a thin comb to brush as u poor the viniger and keep on for half an hour.or 2)u can also die ur hair, that definetly gets rid of them.

This sounds weird but it works, I guarantee. Get a large bottle of mayonnaise, and rub it into your hair and scalp. Then wrap your hair in Saran Wrap (plastic wrap) and wrap it around your head like a cap. Make sure it's wrapped tight. Leave it on for about an hour and then wash your hair as normal. The mayo plus plastic suffocates the critters!

This really works and besides the mayo conditions your hair.

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