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Lucy L
I have extremely dry skin on my hands, which is pealing. What can this, and what is the best cream to buy?

Dry skin types have to be extremely careful to protect their skin.Yogurt-honey combination helps dry skin. Make an egg pack with a yolk, a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of milk powder. This is beneficial to dry skin types. There are many helpful tips to cure dry skin at http://useinfo-dryskin.blogspot.com/

eurcian is a great cream to invest in, for some its a lil pricey($8-12) but its worth it and wal-mart has their own version of it also. Coco butter cream is good, i prefer Palmers Brand.

Julie W
that happens to me in the winter. i buy vasaline

It sounds really stupid but if you try it just ONE time you will see that it works. When I was little I lived in Arizona and such dry hands they would bleed. My mom would rub vasoline on my hands. A LOT!! And before I went to bed she would put socks over my hands. (I bet you could use gloves though) When I would wake up they would be soooooo soft. Try it! It can't hurt.

OTC-probably Eucerin. This is annoying also, but put this lotion on really thick and wear gloves while you are home. Gloves will hold all the moisture into your skin. I also tried this really cheap stuff I found at Wal-Mart, it is thick creamy vaseline, it is only 2 bucks and it has done wonders for my hands.

Tiffany B
I would get some mosturizing cream with aloe in it. Aloe is great for dry skin.

Aloe, sheesh... Nivea cream my dear. Or try this. At night slather hands with vaseline then put cotton socks on. It's crazy but they'll be like a baby's butt the next morning and it lasts.

My hands are also very dry, with splitting and bleeding. I drink a lot more water, this helps a lot. I also use a cream called Cetaphil. I use this on my 'alligator' legs, too. My skin stays moisturized all day. A 'trick' that my mother and grandmother used was putting on their favorite lotion at night and putting cotton socks over their hands. I do this when my hands get really bad and it helps!

Use vegetable shortning, like Crisco.

Having very dry and scaly skin, self-care measures respond well to it. Moisturizers can help. Avoid long, hot showers and baths. An all-natural cream that contains natural oils can give soothing and glowing results. I believe http://www.skinsosilky.com/ will help you best for more advices, ideas and best treatments for any skin problem like dry skin.

stressed to the MAX
When using the glove technique, make sure you buy plain white 100% cotton gloves...it "breathes" the best and gets the best results while holding in the most moisture.

Vaseline is better to use than lotion with the glove thing. It will probably feel gross, but it really really helps!

It's best to do it while you're doing chores (especially if you use rubber gloves anyway.) then you can cake on the vaseline, cotton gloves, and your rubber gloves right over it...by time you're done with your chores, wash off the vaseline and then apply your lotion and your hands should feel great!

get a moisturizing lotion and start taking cod liver oil pills, they put the essential oils back into your skin.

ohhh, im sorry

um a thick lotion or cream i guess maybe coco butter ... ummm i think the supplier is palmers u should be able to find it at walmart

Gypsy Gal
Put a big pot of water on your cook stove and let the steam get into your house and it will help your skin plus a better diet and of course some lotions help .

Bag Bomb. (i think thats how you spell it) Seriously, this stuff works WONDERS! Just apply it every night, and then put on gloves. Sleep, and do again!

so Fresh
It is a lack of moisture, sometiimes working with paper a lot, cold air, water (doing dishes) can really irritate it. You can use Hyrdocortizone cream and Eucerin, put your hands in gloves for like 20 minutes afterwards, it usually clears it up.

Dig It
Get a good thick hand cream, like Avon extremely dry skin cream, and apply it often, and whenever you wash your hands.

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