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I have extremely dry skin on my arms, elbows, and legs. What can I use to help clear up this dry skin?
I've tried so many lotions and nothing helped. Also have been to a dermatologist and say it's eczema. The prescription doesn't help either.

Nivea Cream is really great. I had the same problem, and it helps immensely!

Use baby oil after you get out of the shower, and before you go to bed. It really helps!!!

Sara G
I know you said that you've tried a lot of lotions but there is one more out there you should try. It's by Johnson & Johnson it's a body cream with babyoil in it. It's in a white tube with a yellow cap. It's the riches and best lotion I have found. It has really helped me a lot.

Couple of things.
Use a Baby Oil Gel immediately after coming out of the shower while your skin is moist.
Secondly try the L'Occitane Body Cream, it has 25% shea butter and is great for the skin.

I would try some olive oil. You can put some on with a cotton swab a few times a day.

After doing browsing many, MANY websites and doing other research on this, I've come to the distinct suspicion that eczema is a term doctors use for "itchy skin condition that we don't know the cause of and am not sure how to treat."

With that in mind, here is what finally worked for my husband (which may or may not work for you). He had excema mainly on the undersides of his arms and elbows and knees (and these areas were constanty red and scabbed because they itched so much he couldhn't keep himself from itching).

SALSA: Crazy as it seems eating something spicey every day has helped dramatically. His exzema has practically gone away (only reoccuring occassionally). Learned about that one on National Public Radio.

AVOIDING RED/ORANGE FOOD COLORING: We think we have tied the occassional flare up he has recently to things with red food coloring...so we try to avoid it. Kool aid, frosting, candy coloring etc.

Its a frustrating condition. My husband had it for years before he found a treatment that worked for him (and he went to several dermatologists too...tried all sorts of creams none of which worked).. I hope you find one sooner than that.

use loads, and i mean LOADS, of vaseline. any type of vaseline with shea butter or just vaseline in general. apply it everyday and every chance you get, especially when you get out of the shower!

or get some cetaphil; i had dry skin when i was reallly sick with strep throat and a respiratory infection, i used vaseline and cetaphil and my skin was back to normal

Use lotion, but remember that lotion is an oil barrier to keep the water that is already in your skin inside, to keep it from evaporating. Your skin hydrates from the inside. Drink more water, and make sure your home and office (if you can) are at a comfortable humidity level. You can buy an inexpensive hygrometer (to measure humidity) are Home Depot, and sometimes WalMart.

Hot water, as in baths and hot tubs, will exacerbate dry skin, so avoid them, especially in winter.

Skin problems are diificult to get rid of and prescibtions rarely work.I would take oil baths twice a week and lotion up afterwads.Good luck

Kevin A
I once dated a nurse and she would put Vaseline on her whole body after every shower and she had the softest skin for a woman of 48 I had ever touched. You can't put a lot on but just a little super thin every day before you dry off and let the air dry you off.

Try it, it might help but remember, petroleum jelly is the only thing on this earth that is non porous and if you put too much on, it will clog your pores and cause zits to form.

Hope it helps.

Mash 1 tablespoon of ripe banana and add to it 1 tablespoon honey. Apply this mask on the affected area and leave it to dry. Then wash it off with cold water. This mask acts as a moisturizer .You can find more cheap, effective and natural home remedies for dry skin at the link below.

I have found that Olive oil is the very best thing for super dry skin. I apply is after every shower and it can work very quickly with diligent use. Just rub it on where it is dry - I also put it on my back just under the ribs to soothe the adrenal glands.

It is important to remember that Olive Oil provides essential fatty acids that your body needs to prevent this sort of thing in the first place (and alcohol or lemon juice, etc. can strip away these essential fatty acids) - so be sure to get good fats in your diet, stay away from low fat/no fat and use extra Olive Oil and water if you have a few glasses of wine (particularly in the drying winter months - all those heaters bake our moisture out of us).


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