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I have a ring and it turns my finger green when i wear it, could that make me ill?

that's harmful to your finger. remove the ring and allow your finger enough blood circulation.

eww! mabe u should not wear that ring.

summer ooohhh eight!
no just don't wear it anymore.

Little Sammy Sam
no it won't but it just tells you that the ring is fake.

Snapple n
No, it means that its cheap and its just rust from the ring. It will go away and you will be fine. It's happened to me plenty of times.

i have heard this is a result of too much salt in one's body.

No it will not make you ill. The ring has a metallic content that is counteracting with you body's acidity rating. Some individuals with high acidity counts actually get the same reaction from gold silver and in rare instances platinum. The ring does not have to be solid copper or even have copper in it to cause this reaction. In fact almost all ferrous metals contain some copper in them. So you may not have a "CHEAP" ring after all. Simply brush the inside of your ring with clear nail polish and Voila problem solved.

It probably wont make u sick .If u really like the ring just put some clear fingernail polish on it and let it dry and it wont turn green.You might have to do it every week or so or every time you wear it.

It just means your ring is not made of silver and probably has copper in it which will turn your finger green. No, it won't make you ill. Just stop wearing your ring.

Is the ring green? Maybe the paint rubs of. But is the reason your finger turns green is not obvious, you should stop wearing it and consult a doctor.

no it just means you have a cheap ring

I don't think it will make you ill. I had the same problem happen to me and the green went away after I stopped wearing it. If you still want to be able to use the ring put some clear nail polish on the inside. It should prevent it from turning your finger green again

answer machine
No it won't make you ill, if you like the ring take some clear nail polish and coat it with that and it won't make your finger green.

Dang I'm Rad
It won't make you sick but if you really like the ring, put some clear nailpolish on the inside of it and that should take care of the whole green thing.

Possibly. Toxins ARE obsorbed through the skin.
I would think it would make you ill to think you got cheated when you bought a cheapy ring!

ohio gal
try coating the band or whatever is in contact with your skin, with clear fingernail polish.

that's not a good sign. find out what the ring is made of and see if you're allergic or something to it.
meanwhile, don't wear it.

You could use clear nail polish on the ring.

The ring should not make you ill unless you get a cut on your hand.

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