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I have a bump on my back that has been there for 2 years now?
I have had a raised bump the size of a dime on my back for about 2 1/2 years right next to my spine in between my shoulder blades. Well in the last 3 weeks it has grown to the size of a half dollar and is raised alot more and before it was not painful but now it is very painful. Cannot really afford to go to the Dr. Any idea what it could be. It is red around the outer edges and is very light in color in the middle. Very painful around the edges and numb in the middle. Please help me!

go to doctor

julie o
You really need to have a biopsy to make sure it is not cancerous. It could be a cyst. Either way, you need to seek attention from a physician.

"Lil Twone"
2 yaers you need to go to the doctor immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Jack Kerouac
go see a doctor NOW...coudl be cancer / cyst...

I would definitely make an appointment at the dermatologist's office adn get it looked at as soon as possible!

Brother Lance
It could be an alien tracking device and they are preparing to launch you back to the mothership. Seriously, get that checked out ASAP!


You may not have a choice but to go to the doctor. Or the hospital. It may be malignant melinoma.

I would make an appt with a Dr.

sounds like it may be a boil...theyre very painful if they get too bad. you should go to the emergency room, and worry about the bill later...
good luck, and take care...

Okay when stuff like that happens it doesn't matter if you "Cannot really afford to go to the Dr."! This could be a sign of a -serious- medical problem. You need to have it taken care of now.

I agree with everyone else, you need a Dr. I had a lump on left side near my shoulder blade that I ignored for a long. Finally saw my Dr. It was a "fatty" tumor. I had a simple surgery to remove it. I remember someone having a lump on the side of his face by his ear. It kept getting harder & bigger, it went on for almost a year before he got help. It turned out to be an ingrown hair that had formed a ball amd kept growing. They had to cut it out. I'm not kidding! Find a Dr that has a sliding scale fee based on your income or go to the emergency room & make payments later. If you don't have insurance or can't get it through work or whatever, apply for aid at the welfare office. I think every state has some form on indigent coverage.

Could be a boil, but than maybe not. Any time you have a long standing lump that all of a sudden starts to grow, it is time to check it out. Do not wait, get the doc on it quickly.

i had one too for a few yrs then it got to bothering me sometimes it would itch and it also got bigger i had to go to the dr with mine they told me it was a saibacious cyst and they removed it i went back to work the next day they did send it off to be tested but all was fine

A basic doctor/clinic will be able to determine if this bump is harmless or not. There are medical clinics that charge 40 to 60 dollars for a standard exam and it won't take long. There's a good chance it is a "fatty cyst" that's become irritated. If you can't afford the clinic, I'd head to the ER

Sounds like a cist which has decided to grow. You have to have it removed if it's bothering you and growing. No choice.

My mom has had many bumps on her, and has went to the doctor for them. Think of it this way, you could either pay the money for a check up, or die from the bump that could be killing you.


just file for bankruptcy if all else fails finacially.

ummmm... i dont really know what that could be...

I am NO doctor and am not in the medical field but, it sounds like a cysts. I have had several of them over the years. There not life threatening but once they start bothering you, you might as well get it removed. It may stop huring for awhile, mine did. But it will start hurting again.

I'm no doctor, but it sounds very similiar to what I have had. I had one on my lower spine and 2 under my arm. As a matter of fact my doctor told me until the 2nd one under my arm started bothering me he would leave it alone.

If it is a cysts, the doctor will want to lance it. It's not fun, I'm not going to lie to you, but if it starts hurting bad, you'll be glad to go and have it removed.

Have a doctor check it out.

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