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 Lump under skin!?
I was in class and I felt this lump under my skin. It's at the bottom behind my ear. It feels like a small ball! I'm sooo scared that it's a tumor or something like that! Does anyone ...

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its not alcohol take in ...

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 Does drinking water really give you good skin??
how does it work?

is there any real proof?...

 Upper inner thigh acne???
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 What acne treament should I use that doesn't contain benzoyl peroxide, what's the best product?
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 My 12 yr old son has black bags under his eyes heredity but a part from make up any suggestions?

 How come every time I exercise my face turns really red?
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 If it normal to be on long term antibiotics for acne?
My daughter had a bad acne breakout and the doc put her on low dose antibiotic for 6 months. Is this common practice?
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She tried Proactive for a long time. It worked at ...

I have a boil on my inner thigh what should I do.?
I have a small boil on my inner right upper thigh. What should I do I know not to pop it. What I do how should I take care of it should I put any creams.


♥sexy momma♥ ;-)
see a doctor!

Sue A
A boil is an infection at the base of the skin follicle. You should go to the doctor and allow him to give you medicine. In the meantime, keep it clean and do not pop it!

i love my man
go to the dr

Happy New Year!
Put a wet wash cloth (hot) and then a plastic bag and then put a heating pad on top and it will bring it to a head.

I had 2 of those about a year ago in the exact spot. I went to the health dept and she put some drying medicine on it.

Go to the doctor where they can treat it. They will drain it, and possibly place sterile packing strip in the area if needed. Warm compress is good to.

Apply a warm wash cloth to it for 10 minutes, then a cold one for 10 minutes. Do this repeatedly for about an hour. Eventually it will come to a "head" and you can pop it like a pimple.

Mary N
try warm wet compresses (a wash rag soaked in very warm water) do this for about 15 minutes several times a day. Make sure no one else touches your equipment and wash your towel in hot water. Don't reuse it without washing it. Between times keep it covered with an antibiotic cream not an ointment. If it gets larger or the pain increases get to a doctor. hopefully it is small enough to open and drain with the wet compress. If it doesn't look better in a few days, you may need a doctor to drain it and be put on antibiotics. MRSA staph infections are occuring at this time of year so watch it carefully.

Try to find a draw out salve at a drug store, ask the pharmacist. Also, heat will help. You can dampen a washcloth and put it in the microwave for a few seconds then apply it. Repeat that quite a few times. Some people like Epsom Salt but it may sting. If none of this works, let a doctors lance it. cz

Put some Triple Antibiotic Ointment on a small piece of gauze and tape the gauze on your thigh. It will be gone in a couple of days.
You can also put a very hot cloth on it to try and draw out the infection.

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