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I cant get rid of my athletes foot. How do I do it? Ive tried tinactin.?

Lamisil is a better product, but it still takes at least a week or more, no matter what you use.

Use an antifungal cream....Either for athletes foot or a yeast infection cream like vagisil. Anything with miconozole should take care of it.

jack jack
trust me visit a foot doctor ... i tried every thing until the doc gave me perscibtion it went away in a week ...

Athletes foot takes a long time to get rid of. You need to use something like tinactin, but also if you shower where other people shower, you need to wear flipflops in the shower cause you could be getting it from the shower. If you only shower in YOUR shower, you need to clean it out every day with something like comet.

How long did you use the tinactin? It takes a couple weeks to totally get rid of the fungus. If you used it for several weeks and it didn't help then it is time to see the doc for some stronger medication as well as a proper diagnosis.

OK i have personally had athletes foot many times over and over and one case i had it i figured it out u have to expose ur feet to as much UV light as possible like sun rays for example wear flip flops for a while until u see it peel away and if you cant wear them all the time wash socks regularly and put powder in ur shoes and that should completely wipe it out.

use it twice a day and never be without it on your feet for about a month. That's the only way. It takes that long. Athlete's foot is a very hard fungus to kill.

Nothing worked for me untill I threw away my shoes and got new ones. Try that. It seems washing them or spraying them doesnt kill all of the fungi. Also I bleached my socks. I really dont think peeing on your feet would be the answer, but I hear the amonia is what is in the urine that kills the fungi. Still try what I said before you go peeing on yourself.

Best thing I've found is Lotrimin Anti-fungal

Ryan's mom
Are you a diabetic or heavy drinker? My husband thought he had Athlete's Foot and it wouldn't go away and he went to the doctor and found out he had Diabetic Nuropothy.

Try Lotrimin, it works pretty fast. If it does not work, you need to go to a foot specialist.

Next time your in the shower piss on your feet. It sounds nuts but it works!

Here's what is used in correctional facilities, where everyone has to use the same showers.....iodine or bleach! I've found the iodine works better for me, because the smell of the bleach makes me sick! I'm not in prison, I just work in one! Remember, once you get rid of it on your feet, clean your carpets, floors, bath tub, and shoes, so you don't get it back!

Joseph G
buy new socks and shoes

try drinking a cup of pau-d-arco tea every day for a
month or 6 weeks. at first it tastes funny but after
several days you get used to it and when your fungus
goes away you will decide it tasted wonderful.

tea tree foot oil is brilliant get it from ny chemist,my son had it got some of that and within two days it had stopped itching and smelling

Hi There

Here is the answer

Herbal Aids:
1. Garlic: Wash the parts in hot, soapy water; rinse and dry well; massage in the garlic oil 2-3 times daily. After the affection is cured, apply once a week to prevent reoccurrence.

2. Onions: For athlete's foot, rub onion juice between the toes two or three times a day until the condition clears.

3. BF&C: From questions and answers to Dr. Christopher in his Newsletter: What do you do herbally for athlete's foot?
Staying on a mucusless diet. To aid this condition, first always dry between the toes and do not wear nylon or synthetic socks or hosiery. A small piece of dry cotton, with a few drops of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar placed between the toes for ventilation. Do not wear rubber soled shoes, gym shoes, etc., for daily use. Gym shoes for gym, not for street and regular wear. Go barefooted as much as possible (not at social functions, please) and bathe the feet one or more times each day with warm distilled water and apple cider vinegar half and half. Dry the feet well before putting on hosiery and shoes. If the condition is severe, use the bone, flesh and cartilage formula [BF&C] ... Soak a pair of white cotton or wool socks in the bone, flesh and cartilage [BF&C] tea, put on foot before retiring each night (six days a week each week), put a plastic bag over the socks and leave on all night. Continue this each night until healed.

4. Black Walnut Tincture: This is one of the best known remedies for fungus. Use externally and apply frequently.

Best of health to you


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