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christian c
I am itching like crazy, what are some good ointments?
I am itching all over my body, my gramma tells me its just from nerves, because when i itch I dont see anything, no bumps. Im kinda premiscous, well not anymore, but i think i may have herpes or a skin disease. what type of soap or ointment can I use? (btw, i dont have health insurance so i have not seen a dermatologist)

i have used a hair dryer for 30 years to stop itch. for itching toes, in the shower run warm water over them and gradually increase hot water until the chills go up your spine. doesn't work if you itch it first.

Hydrocortisone (itching cream)....

cortizone cream

herpes doesn't itch. Infact, it hurts so much you won't wanna touch it (if you're a girl). If you're a guy, they are just scabs. Still, who wants to itch scabs? Nobody, that's who.

Do you have flaky skin? If you see redness, or white dead skin, you need to go to the dermatologist to see if you have xma or dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.

If not, try some oisturizer as your skin just might be dry. If that doesn't work, you might have some fungus living on your skin (don't worry, it sounds a lot grosser than it is). Just rub cortizon cream on it twice a day, that will kill it eventually.

Take Benedryl pills...but they do make you sleepy. It is either allergies or nerves. You can also apply cortizone cream.

fast steve

I'm not much into ointments, but I swear by this stuff - it's that oatmeal extract in brand name Aveeno. It's best in the packets that have a meal type substance that you pour into the bathtub.

Other versions of it come in lotions or creams. I expect they are not as potent as the meal packets.

Otherwise, hydrocortisone creams work well against itching.

If you think you might have herpes, you need to see a doctor. There are lots of good drugs to ease that these days.

linda w
Go to the pharmacy & ask the pharmacist what he or she would recommend for the itch. Myself, I use Gold bond itch cream. It works really good. You may want to think about another reason you may be itching; if your sugar is high or if you are diabetic it will make you itch a lot. Also, if you were promiscuous in the past; maybe you have scabies.You should go to a free clinic if there is one in your area seeing as you have no insurance.

Ann S
Take a benadryl tablet(it is over the counter) it will get rid of the itching.

My grandma used to give me this stuff called NoItch. It worked pretty nicely. Ask the pharmasist at your local Wal-mart or Target for Non-Itch Ointments or Creams.

hydrocortizone cream

lavender with beeswax. it works wonders!

Lassie D
Try using a good, deep moisturizing lotion (even Suave makes great lotions at less than $5). If that doesn't work, in order to avoid embarrassment, make sure you don't actually have lice, (look it up, you've got internet) then see a dermatologist.

Use something with oatmeal, like Aveeno. You can get body wash, bubble bath and lotion and the oatmeal will help the itching.

Your soap is far too harsh and you bath too ofter... Trying using some mild shampoo like Suave to wash with. I don't know what I am doin --- right. I don't itch --ok...

it is quite possible that you are allergic to the laundry detergent being used, so you might want to ask if your grandma can try something else for your clothes and bedding

could also be dry skin, shampoos and soaps that moisturize should be used, also you might want to take vitamin E tablets or other suppliments that add moisture to your skin, green tea tablets might be good to flush out toxins

Hydrocorterzone...took a wing on how to spell it.

The Godless Heathen
Try Benadryl lotion or ointment, if that doesn't work, try hydrocortisone cream, if that doesn't work I'd go to the emergency room, if you can't afford a doc right now, they have to treat you. Oh yeah, and try Aveeno oatmeal bath it's at WalGreen's.

cocoa nut butter works

Herpes would be sores. More like scabies, which is a kind of lice that lives on your skin, instead of your hair. You should probably go to a free clinic to have it checked out. If so, you need prescription medicine and to treat the furniture and your clothing/bedding, and put sheets on your sofa so you can change it every day and wash it.

However, over-the-counter cortisone cream will help if it's just regular itching.

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