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Brittany Sue
I'm fair skinned, and I burn; How can I get tan, without using sunless tanners?
I'm fair skinned, and I burn; How can I get tan, without using sunless tanners?

I was outside today for 2 1/2 hours and I'm burned all over!

I'm tired of being a pale white color, I want to be a little tan, atleast some color so I look half way normal.

Additional Details
I Live in the St. Louis, Missouri Area by the way

What you need to do is go to the tanning bed first before being outside for that long. When you go to the bed, buy a bronzing lotion and only go for 5 minutes the first time. When you start, make sure to go everyday for the first 5 days. 5 minutes the first day, 6 minutes the next, 6 again and only go a little at a time. Make sure you don't shave right before, and also make sure you exfoliate first. Then, put the tanning lotion on at home before you go because they only give you enough time to get undressed. After you have a base tan, then you can continue to use the bed every other day or every three days pushing the time up each time you go. Once you have that base tan, you should not burn, but you have to keep it up. If you go outside for that long, you should be wearing some kind of sunscreen, maybe SPF 15 or so. Hope that helps.

You can't. That is the way your skin is pigmented. My god daughter is like that. She can't tan and she must always wear sunscreen.

You spent WAY too much time in the sun for a fair complexion!! I suggest you work your way up to 2 hours slowly! Let your sun burn heal and then get out into the sun a 1/2 hour at a time until you become a little darker....slowly work your way up.

have you tried going to a tanning salon? i know someone who doesn't normally tan who is able to get a nice amount of color from a tanning bed. she goes about 2-3 times a week starting at about 8-10 minutes and slowly builds up to 15 or so. you don't have to go and try to get really dark, you can just use the tanning bed to build up a base tan. just make sure you always use lotion. you can get tanning bed lotion at walmart instead of paying the high prices at the salon. you can also ask the girls who work at your local tanning salon. i know the ones at mine are always very helpful when i'm building up a tan and not sure how long i should stay in or how often i should go with my skin type.

once you get your base tan built up, you'll tan easier when you're outside, and you won't get burnt as easily. besides, it feels REALLY good lying there in a nice warm tanning bed! at my salon, i pay $25 for 10 sessions, which should be plenty for you to get some decent color. i know some people who only go for 10 sessions a year at the beginning of the summer.

Try the spray tans at the salons, I think they have different settings for different lightness of the tan. You are probably going to just keep burning by overdoing the sun and tanning beds, and everytime you burn DNA changes in the skin lead to skin cancer. I try to NEVER burn.

PS If you do decide to try tanning beds, don't do the 5 minutes first time like these people are saying. 20 mins of tan bed = 2 hours of full sun. I am medium complected, and I burn starting at 2 minutes if I haven't been in the sun for a while. So I would recommend starting at 1 minute, ask the people at the tanning place, they will say the same. Also it may never be possible for you to lie in the bed for more than 10-15 minutes without really irritating your skin and burning. Your max may be 10. Mine was 15.

nisha m
To remove tan make a paste using Haldi (Turmeric) with a little raw (unboiled) milk and lemon juice. Apply it on the skin; it will help in removing a tan. More home remedies available at http://www.wellnesstalk.org/fairskin.html

For one thing--start s l o w ! Go before noon and after 5. Use sunscreen. Start 15 mins./wk.;20/wk;30/wk;40/;50;1 hr.Stop.Do not go out longer than an hour Reassess then maybe you can stay out a little longer. Having an alabaster skin color is just lovely.

fruit bat
It is possible for you to get a tan but since you are fair skinned you are going to have to take it very slow.

eat tomatoes it is known to help against burning ,enjoy the sun in same doses

this may sound bad, but i am fair skinned also, so i know your dilemma. every summer at the beginning of the summer, i just go out with tanning oil of spf 5 or so and just let myself burn once--not really bad, but just once. then, i dont get burned as badly later in the summer and i use sunscreen of spf 25-30 or so whenever i go out after that. i know alot of people say this is bad--but no one wants to look like cotton out on the beach....lol

First of all, where do you live? If you live like in Florida then even a medium skin should be using SPF if they want a tan. I understand your dilemma. I am fair myself and usually burn than tan. If you are a red-head and very pale, I would give up. If you are just fair, you may be able to tan but just not as quickly as you want! If you live down South, start with SPF 15 and only spend an hour in the sun at the most and go every other day. If you live up North like me, you can probably start with SPF 15 and go 2 hrs. a day and gradually lower the SPF and the amount of time in the sun. I'm not going to preach about skin cancer and wrinkles 'cause I'm sure you know already and it'd be hyypocritical of me. However, I do want you to know that I'm a sun worshipper and already at 34, my skin is covered in sun spots from sun worshipping. Fair skinned people and esp. blonds and red heads are SOOO much more likely to develop melanoma as well. Have you tried the spray they do at salons? Some people swear that they work well but they are expensive and don't last long. You could also start by going to the tanning beds 5-10 min. a day until you get a decent tan and then start laying out. Myself, I only like natural suntans. I do sometimes enhance my tan with that subtle Jergens self-tan lotion though. Good luck... And there are a lot of fair skinned beauties out there like Nicole Kidman! And think of how much better you'll look at 45 then your friends who fried their skin like I did most of their life!

Two and a half hours is a long time, even for non-pale people!

You will still get a slight tan if you're out in the sun even with a sunscreen. Use an SPF 25-40 when you're outside. You'll subtley get color while not damaging your skin.

anne b
Embrace your paleness or try abit of makeup on your face to enhance your colour.
Remember too much sun causes cancer - hope you are wearing sunscreen.

I use Sea&Ski SPF 40+ and over a period of days, my skin gets a natural, healthy tan---and I have porcelain doll skin! It should work for you, too.

P.S. Tanning beds are dangerous! Your skin will suffer as a result of constant tanning. Watch a Tyra episode if you don't believe me!

Sunscreen and taking it SLOW. I am fair and can tan lightly over the course of a week beach vacation, by using SPF 15 sunscreen and a beach umbrella. You cannot do it in full sun and without sunscreen. Also, you may not have enough melanin in your skin to really tan. You may end up freckling.

Anon Chicago
I can sympathize, I burned a ton when I was a kid. Now I'm 34 and still even now I want to be tan because people still make fun of me being pale (as if we can help it, right??)

What I have found that works for me is to go to a tanning bed but start VERY slowly. Five minutes at a time, for at least 1-2 weeks. Maybe 7 minutes. Use the lotions they recommend and even if you don't think you're getting color, it will come on slowly but you will not burn. You have to be patient. Over time start increasing your minutes. As the weather gets warmer, start lying out but USE SUNSCREEN. It sounds counterproductive but the goal is to NOT burn. So use 15 or 30SPF, whatever. I like the Coppertone spray-on sunscreens because you don't have to rub them in. Once it's summer then ditch the tan beds and just keep lying out. Last summer we went on a cruise and that's how I got ready for it. I was pretty dark by the cruise and I used SPF 10 spray-on sunscreen the whole time and never burned.

I know that I look better when I'm tan, and even though I will never be super dark, I have gotten dark in the past, it's just a slower process. I know tanning beds are bad for you, and so is lying out. So that's my disclaimer...I know!!! But maybe if all the tan folks out there quit making fun of us, we wouldn't be so self conscious!

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