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vtwin _power
How to heal dry cracked bleeding hands?

Try putting a thick layer of vaseline on your hands and sleeping with gloves on over it. I know it sounds crazy, i thought so too until I tried it. Do this for a week or so and see if it helps. This also works really well for dry feet too.

Yahoo Answer Rat
stop doing whatever you do to get them that way

Get Eucerin cream in the jar and 1% hydrocortisone cream. Put cortisone cream on first and rub in well and then put Eucerin cream over top. Put on a pair of white gloves and sleep with those on. You will notice a difference in the morning and if you do this each night for a week, you will really notice a difference. If you don't have gloves, put a pair of white socks on your hands, anything to keep the cream on your hands and not on your sheets.

up y
Neutrogena handsoap.

Cornhuskers Lotion.


Take a combination of bacitracin or any antibiotic ointment and vaseline and mix it and rub on your hands and put clean white socks on at night and let them heal. Don't wash hands and go outside, dry very well after washing. You may want to put a good dry skin lotion on like vaseline intensive care or something like that. If you have a fungal infection this won't work so try it for a few weeks and see. Then if it doesn't work buy an antifungal cream, for athletes feet and use it instead of the antibiotic cream. Cortisone cream may help the cracks too. Good luck.

my dignity
try washing your hands in warm water and dabbing dry, then moisterize with vaseline. if you have any type of sleeping gloves, (these are usually those thin cotton gloves found in the drug store or beauty supply) put them on while you sleep. if you have allergies you should consult your doctor and ask for a perscription for a medicated cream to heal the bleeding.

I use Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Healing Lotion on mine and it always works for me.

-"Udderly Smooth" Udder Cream works well for me. It comes in a tube with cowprint.
-Wash your hands less frequently.
-I never got to this point, put alot of hand cream on and then put on latex gloves when you go to bed. Take of in morning.

I use lotion. It's from the cold. try not to go outside right after washing your hands, doing dishes, etc. if you do, put lotion on them. Try medicated lotions they are good.

get some really good hand lotion -- like a vaseline brand healing lotion and lube up your hands often until they get better. don't let them get to the bleeding stage next time. moisturize!

try goldbond medicated lotion its in a white bottle with black and gold labels on it, my hands did the same thing because i work outside and the cold has dried them out, i hate dry hands, this lotion, stays with you for a long time, unlike the rest it doesnt seem to disappear in 10 minutes

Use a super thick moisturizer. My husband works outside all day and his hands get really dry, he swears by Bath & Body Works Body Butter. Hurts to start using it when your hands are already cracked but works really well in the long run.

Texas Mike
See a dermitologist. Sometimes there are easy fixes.

umm why are ur hands bleeding in the first place??

I would make sure you moisturize your hands very well with vaseoline. i know this might seems crazy but put some on your hands and put gloves on beofre bedtime.. your hands will be nice and not cracked. it does work....

They make a lotion called Carmol. You may have to ask for it at the pharmacy although it is not prescription. It contains urea which helps soften and heal the skin. Look it up on the Internet. It's a bit pricey. About $20 a tube but it works wonders.

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