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danielle m
How to get rid of a wart on your finger?
ok this sounds really disgusting but i have a wart on my finger and it is so embarassing i got the virus from my son who has had many. i have tried everything over the counter and even went to the doctor and nothing helps someone help me get this hideious thing off my finger thanks alot

Put it to your mouth and chew. Dont think about how nasty that is or getting it on your lips just chew girl chew. Soon after a little blood youll have torn it up and can pull the roots out.

put duct tape on it and never take it off. it will take 2 months or so, depending on the type of wart. using that will deprive it of oxygen. also use a pumice stone on it to get rid of the cells. try to find a product that drys skin up to put on it.

Come on the doctor can cut, burn or freeze it off. Go back and tell him to get rid of it before it starts spreading... which it will do.

i dont know if its in america but theres a really effective over the counter thing called "wartner" its really good

the freezing method at the doctor has always worked for me. Sometimes though, I had to go in twice because the first time didn't get it all.

There is also one quick almost surefire way to remove a wart, although I wouldn't recommend it unless the conventional methods don't work. It's called Cryosurgery and its literally freezing the enitre wart with liquid Nitrogen. Did your doctor not suggest this?

I had a wart on my finger when I was in college and I ignored it longer than I should have. The one wart turned into 3 warts on two of my fingers and 2 more warts that somehow ended up on my arm. I used salicylic acid to burn the wart off my fingers but it took forever and I felt I wasn't getting anywhere. Then I finally lost it and began pulling out the capillaries that were feeding the warts. (You can see them after you've burned off most of the wart.) It took a while and was quite painful, but eventually the warts started to die off. The ones on my arm came on later so I just went to the doctor and he froze it with liquid nitrogen. The whole process took a couple of minutes max. About a couple days later, I took a shower and they just fell off. It was that quick and easy. Sure it was a bit painful (especially when they came off) and it left a scar but that was 10 years ago and you can barely see anything there now.

I had one on the tip of my finger for about a year. The doctor froze it about three times. You have to use the OTC wart remover stuff for about a week before you get the doctor to freeze it off or it won't get under the thick skin on your finger. It hurts pretty bad doing it that way b/c all the skin is removed but that is the only way. Mine eventually went away. Good luck!

I had three on my finger at once i went to the doc and had them burned off. they have not come back since.

Try putting duct tape over it, it worked for my dad.

My daughter had a few warts on her fingers, we used Dr. Shoals Wart Removal. It freezes them off, and worked great for us. She does not have any scaring from them.

freeze it off.

compound w

I had 3 on one hand and i just waited a few weeks and 2 of them disappeared

There is a new product that freezes the wart. That's what doctors do to get rid of them. It works.

Let me know if you find anything that works. . .I have had one on my finger for almost 13yrs. I have used all the over the counter stuff plus went to the DR. to have it froze off and it is still there!

Chelle Chelle
I had a planters wart on my finger one summer. We went on a canoe trip and the whole way down the river(my hands stayed wet) I used my fingernail to dig at the wart. After that trip it never came back.

Hope this helps.

(I have heard that the duct tape thing works)

My husband had the same problem....we tried everything and even had the doctor freeze it off twice but it came right back! He finally got rid of it by putitng duct tape on it for a few days. I know it sounds strange, but it really works great! Google it.

works really well

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