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 Is it true that if you buy...?
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 Have a really bad sunburn on my face... This is the fourth day of healing.. How can I help my burn?
I have been told that I have a minor second degree burn by a nurse who came into work the buy some things. I haven't gone to the doctor because now the burn has basically stopped hurting but the ...

How should I shower with a broken arm?

ask your doctor.....

laurel g
When my family breaks a bone, then, needs to bathe or shower, we wrap the part that is in a cast in a garbage bag and tape it well, so that no water can get into it. This has worked well for us.

be very careful , put a sheet of plastic or a plastic bag over the plaster to keep it dry. make sure there is someone else about to make sure you don,t slip.

ive had to do a few times... get a bag around it, use a rubber band to make a seal, now the important thing is to keep it up in the air because water can and will run down into the bag still.

Try just leaving it on....

i dont think it'll fall apart.

Andrew B
wrap a plastic bag over it with rubberbands real tight!

j l
very carefully.

take a garbage bag and tape it just above the cast or immobilizer. Duck tape is best to use. This will keep things from getting wet. It is also a good idea to make sure there is someone else around in case you need help.

I had to do this back in my younger days and it worked great.

Best of luck to you.

Man I still remember this experience...

OK, so they have great things called a "water duck" that you can get at a medical supply store... but you can also make your own.

I used lawn and leaf trash bags. i would put my cast into it and seal it with duct tape.

the real trick was to seal/fold the bag over the seal, and then seal it again. Finish with a seal that is 1/2 bag and half skin and you're all set.

Hold your arm over your head and try to use low water pressure...

However, a word from the wise?

Be EXTRA careful not to slip or your f*cked.

Heal well.

i used a trash bag around mine, a rubber band so it won't slide off, don't shower too long tough, cause you will create moist in the bag as well.

good luck taking a shower and specially washing your hair hahaha
that was rough to do with one hand but it can be done

put a plastic bag over the cast so it doesnt fall apart

If you have a cast put it into a plastic bag so it doesn't get wet and hold your arm up.

Little Fluffball of Doom
Oh, I have been in this postition, wrap a plastic bag (bread sacks work best) around the arm and duct tape it or rubber band it (tape hold longer but rubber bands are easiest to remove). Or take a bath and rest your casted arm on the side of the tub. Trust me it gets annoying!

dances with unicorns
Although I know a shower is good, maybe tub baths would be advisable for a while? :-)

Caramel M
Have someone give you a sponge bath, or put a plastic bag over the cast.

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